Why are the newer games not in the strategy section?

Perhaps my memory is foggy, but the first forum dedicated to a single game that wasn’t in the strategy zone was SF4…
Now, you have SF4 + all of it’s character forums showing, Marvel, and MK, and again, all the character forums showing.

When searching, because of this, you have to scroll through all of the character forums before you get to just GD…
It’s really annoying. Anyway to at least hide the character forums? Or even better, move the games to the strategy zone?

This is something I’ve thought about bringing up repeatedly. It makes little sense to me that any game’s strategy forum would not be part be part of the Strategy Zone group. The current organization is counter-intuitive.

How long does all that scrolling take you? Two seconds? I’m not thinking this is a huge issue.

Seconds add up.
It also makes the top part of the forums look really dumb. Honestly, even if the character forums were just hidden from plain view, that would solve this problem completely.