Why are there no majors in nyc?

im going to create one but im trying to understand y is it that we are the majority of the community that goes out to other places and we dont have them come to us

Because Venue’s in nyc cost a ridiculous amount of money, from what I understand.

cuz EVERYONE knows EC is too serious

sup Andy well it to expensive and new york is to real with the skill man lol
it might have to do with people just not being properly informed on events to come out and support. Most people think they cant win because Justin or empire is their. i guess whit am trying to say is that people need motivation all the way around games,community,promotion,confidence etc…

Citi I would say throw one down here in the DC area the Venues might be cheaper here man.

No no the whole point is that a shit load of us are in New York. I’m not gonna say all or most, but NYC has a ridiculous amount of solid and top players from the EC, so there is a legitimate concern over why we in particular don’t have a major. And as I said before, hosting one here would be expensive as fuck, and I doubt anyone wants to pay $40+ for a fucking venue fee.

if i did throw this tourney i was going to give random select prizes to top 16. this was even though ppl may be scared to not be top 3, they can atleast show their skill and win something for being top 16. this is exactly y i thought of this. i dont have any other idea how could i give an incentive for playing and not being afraid of justin/empire

yea thats my whole point tho. everyone whats go go everywhere else but nyc. thx anyway though keep the ideas commin

when i thow it, its gonna be no more than $25 max and i dont even wanna go that far

$20 entry fee for a major in NYC, in a nice venue, is worth it. I mean Andy, as long as there’s a large enough venue that won’t try to low forward super our wallets, it can be done.

lmao i like that

I think people would come if there was easy transportation (LIRR, PATH or MetroNorth) to the venue

Well, that’s kind of a given since we said NYC not New York State

I feel you on that man. I would come up if they did a major in NYC. I know this might be crazy but will a school gym let you guys hold something up there or even say a hotel or something in say queens that has a good sized room for a tourney.

I would love for that to happen. If someone can find a venue for a major, I certainly think that they could break even or make money because of all the players here.

In theory, school’s are a 50-50. They ALL could use extra cash right now. However a lot of them are anal about video games, especially fighters and shooters, which require a lot of venue space.

A Hotel with a large enough ballroom or whatever else large open space may agree to it, but usually you’d be talking about places like the Sheraton, which is not a cheap place in general. There are hotels all over the city, so finding one wouldn’t be a problem, it would just be a cost issue.

I know what you’re saying about venue costs, but I feel like you’re under estimatin the number of people who would show up. Not just pros show up to these things, anyone in the tristate area who plays even semi-seriously would show up if it was priced correctly.

Maybe try to estimate how many people would come from the amount of people who go to local tournaments, post here, and hang out in ctf. With SF3 and SF4, you’d be guaranteed that amount and then maybe 50% more.

I do not doubt the numbers we would generate for one second, we would get every state near NY here no questions asked. I just don’t want to underestimate the cost we would be facing lol.

When I was looking for venues in NYC for the past ECT this year the best one I found wanted 10k a day for a “Decent” size ballroom and we had to fill up 100 rooms in order to get a room discount. Places in Manhattan wanted around $5- $15,000 for the weekend. It’s TOO EXPENSIVE to do a major in the city unless you really have the cash then just go for it.

At 10k, if the price is set to $20; 500 people will break even. I feel like with even minimal hype-mongering this is possible.

Manhattan is out of the question. Queens BX or Brooklyn.

This would be pretty awesome. I can’t actively travel to big events but having a big one would be nice to try and get a foot in and meet some people :stuck_out_tongue:

If it does happen at some point gonna be crossing my fingers it’s near the A train lol

Best of luck