Why are there so many bad players on GGPO?


I know this is a thread that leaves it self open to being trolled, but I’ll be honest and say I don’t give a fuck. Not that I’m suggesting that I’m absolutely gdlk or anything. But you come on GGPO during random times of the day and 9 times out of 10 you get really, really bad players. I’m talking Online SSF4 levels of bad. And the majority pick shoto, mash SRK on wakeup and throw out random moves. If they don’t pick Shoto they usually go with Urien (?) Makoto, Dudley, and maybe the Twins. And almost every single one of these guys are patterned.

There’s no good Makoto’s. All of them jump on wakeup, try to get in with a Hayate or dash and grab. Seriously with one dude I picked Alex, I did bHp at the start of the match and he runs right into it, and I perfected him just with HP Flash Chops and bHP. Second round he got a random grab, and does Mak’s juggle with SA2, fucks up the follow up, and I stomp him to death.

There’s like 2-3 good Urien’s but mostly they do the same shit. They have no idea how to get in so they do Shoulder Rushes, random Knee Drops (why?), and either Headbutt or Standing Parry on wakeup. But almost all of them know his juggles but they can’t do basic shit.

Dudley’s who do random EX Machine Gun Blows… Why?

I know I’m ranting but why are there so many bad players? Not all of these guys could have come from SSF4. That’s why I’m worried about 3SO because if this is the kind of comp I get to look forward to than fuck it.


Well, it’s online, the bastion of players too afraid to play people face to face.


People have been mashing randomly and mindlessly since fighting games were invented.

Now that online play for fighters is really popular, people are just realizing this, and the shock is causing them to leave huge pointless posts on forums.


lag makes fundamentals go out the window.


I got served…


Wowza. I’ve played plenty of decent people without attitudes and good pings. I’ve also played people who have no idea what they’re doing but that’s just part of it. I’ve also been demolished by good play (low ping) and laggy ggpo only stuff. Oh well, that’s the nature of the beast.

I somehow doubt you always win. Or that you can consistently beat everyone on GGPO. More than likely you’ve played people who have wrecked your shit just like you wreck on those worse than you. Now think for a moment. Why don’t we see posts from players better than you whining about the same things? Because they know it’s part and parcel and DON’T CARE. If it’s a bad match, LEAVE. Either find people you like to play against or don’t play if it’s such a bother.


U mad?




look harder buddy. your obviously not playing the right people.


are you sure you even like this game

cause like, if you hate the way 99% of players (good or bad) play the game because it doesnt perfectly fit into some narrow arbitrary vision youve created of how you think it should be played… chances are you don’t like it.


Yes because if someone who’s respectable at the game says it’s terrible then I must agree.


Accept the failings of GGPO, go travel to some distant arcade, play just with people locally on an emulator or console or stop playing. What’re you even whining about? The fact that everyone isn’t precisely at your level and doesn’t care about the game for the same reasons as you? Because that’s what it sounds like.


Because GGPO sucks. Yes yes, it’s great for learning basic matchups for beginners, but even with small lag, there is just enough lag for me to drop certain combos or think about mixups way earlier instead of on the fly given the situation. It’s a minor annoyance but it’s annoying enough.

That said, LBR pretty much got it. Lag takes away a lot of fundamentals from knowledgeable players so they have to rely more on stupid shit. If you think the players on GGPO suck that much, then stop playing it(I quit because I was getting almost as angry as I was playing SF4) and think about traveling if you honestly want to get better.


Alexander/louiscipher complaining about bad players? Really?! Besides, there are plenty of decent players once you’re familiar with the community.


Are you stupid? Renic is a troll.


Dudley’s who do random EX Machine Gun Blows… Why?

lol i fought two dudleys who did the same thing.

just play the decent-good players. its not hard to find some good players. its like 30% (decent-good), 70% (bad)


lol i fought two dudleys who did the same thing.

just play the decent-good players. its not hard to find some good players. its like 30% (decent-good), 70% (bad)


I just realized this.

He’s not complaining about the same things you’re talking about, though. Pay further attention.


Lol, scrubs complaining about scrubs.

As a side note, Renic should really change that title to “3S sucks on GGPO.” 'cause other games work just fine.
There’s still a few decent 3S players who are online regularly like Flare, Helgen, Yuuki, Kofiend, Nica KO, Cruise, Pierrot, etc.


its pretty irritating to see shitty mashers who have deluded themselves into thinking they know how to play complain about anything.

delete this trash thread.


This. Please stop making threads. Please stop thinking your good at this game, your not. And even if for some reason there are players worse than you on GGPO? Why the fuck do you care at least you have someone to fucking play against. FOR FREE.

EDIT: Because I almost FUCKING forgot. You can’t complain about ggpo. Stomp spam doesnt work offline.


Sorry, not a very useful comment, but damn, YOU’RE SO RIGHT