Why are these games considered fighting games

Forgive me oh intelligent members of SRK for I am going to fall for this guy’s trolling.

r3v, you’re probably playing, but the fact that you said that the DBZ and Naruto fighters aren’t “real” fighters, shows that you haven’t made an effort to play them at a higher level. I haven’t attempted to play the DBZ games competitively but the Naruto fighters had footsies, tick throws, frame traps, cancelling, etc. like in your oh so precious “real” fighters.


Few tidbits

  • For the majority of the match, you can see projectile spacing with their kunais and shurikens, much like you would with fireballs in SF.
  • Cancelling in order to maintain frame advantage
  • @ 0:08, Rockman puts aerial pressure on Zatachi
  • @ 0:20, Zatachi performs a blockstring for pressure in order to set up Rockman for a grab
  • Following the grab, Zatachi cancels the rest of Itachi’s grab animation into his counter jutsu to prepare for the possibility that Rockman KnJs the grab and tries to hit him
  • Smart use of Itachi’s ougi animation in order to swiftly get away from Sasuke
  • Sasuke’s ougi animation is CLEARLY a Shoryuken and Rockman at times uses it at times

Sure, these “joke” games are not as deep as your precious EVO worthy games but there are some depth to it, and at the end of the day, isn’t a fighting game basically two opponents facing off against each other in a 2 or 3D plane where they both attempt to deplete their opponent’s health to zero? =\

Depends on if we include Smash.

But usually yes.

You can make up rules to fighters besides two characters fighting on screen??? ALRIGHT! My turn!

-Must not have comeback mechanics
-Must not allow fireballs
-No braindead techs
-Can’t have online
-No all girl cast
-Can’t be in 3D
–No Phoenix

YEAH! I think I’m getting the hang of this!

If DMC and Batonetta had those that, they WOULD be fighters because there’s 2 characters fighting on-screen with humans controlling them FIGHTING. Not BEATING UP THE COMPUTER, FIGHTING.

Now go back to spankin your crap to the Kazuya family photo, gaynigga.

That would be a weird response: deciding to lock threads because one asshat wants to piss on your site seems to be rewarding them. I think the conversation not involving him has been semi-intelligent. Locking the thread would seem to be a dick move, even if it is based upon somebody just trying to shit on everyone else. I figure politely and quietly controlling the damage seems like a perfectly reasonable response.

I would encourage anybody not willing to ignore the troll to get the fuck out of this thread. Hopefully we’re over five here and have that level of self-control.