Why are they called "charge" moves?

I always wondered why are they called charge attacks if you are not actually charging anything? Sure, you hold the stick back for a few seconds but you are not charging anything in the sense that you are making any move more powerful. Why are they called charge moves?

because you have to charge up before you can actually do the move?
edit: in essence wouldn’t they count? seeing as how they’re special moves (i.e. hit harder than normals)?

You are making them more powerful.

Uncharged = They do nothing.
Charged = They do a hell of a lot more than nothing.

it’s a term that was used to describe the *fixed set of command(s) *given to specific characters as a game mechanic. these commands initially forced the said character(s) into becoming stationary for a split second in conjunction to the command set [i.e. Guile’s Flash Kick, charge down 2 seconds then up+any strength kick button which will show up as Guile crouching down and doing the Flash Kick afterward] and finishing the command upon which the onscreen avatar executes the move. over the years, players had discovered multiple ways to work around this limitation of becoming stationary to maintain an offensive momentum and secretly buffering the initial portion of the command whilst performing other actions so that they can finish the latter portion to execute the said command when they get an opening to have the move come out.

this may be TL;DR but hey,* you* asked the question…

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When this term was made it was before stuff like Denjin was even in fighting games. There was no better example of charging something.

S-Groove and DLC are also excellent examples of charging in modern fighting games.

Because you’re required to “charge” the move by holding back or down for a certain amount of time so that you can perform them. You’re not making anything more powerful, you’re simply charging a powerful move.

It is what it is. It’s like asking why we call fireballs, fireballs, and not fiery fist lasers.

It’s also a pretty cool name don’t you think? Chargin my Sonic Booms.

Rather than saying I’m holding back to shoot Sonic Booms.