Why are third strike yangs ex slashes so exhaustingly hard to do on p1 side?


I use a grip where my pinky ring and middle finger do all the motion work. If that’s of any relevance.

Anyway. On p2 side I have it down to a science. Mostly because I’m right handed. But p1 side… That dreaded p1 side. I have to do so much extra work with the motions that by the end of the year my left forearm will be buff as f**k. In order to keep doing these slashes consistently I have to do qcf motion then let the stick go neutral and thn repeat the process 4 more times. And this is relative to me simply riding the gates when I do it on p2 side. I can ride the gates on p1 side and it wears my arm out much less but its not consistent. He either drops them mid slashes or goes all the way through. It makes no sense. Also because of this I have to slow the speed of my slashes down considerably which kind of slows my pace down. Its frustrating… Whew.

OK there’s my rant. Any suggestions guys?

PS: Please excuse any typos or absence of commas. Im using my phone.


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Force yourself to improve your execution. I have the same problem, but now I have the bad habit of constantly trying to get on the 2P side for everything. You have to train more on the P1 side in order to make sure that no matter where you are on the screen, you can do what you need to do.

That’s what I do for double QCFs and Yang’s slashes. I’m still working on it because I still have the habit of switching to the easier side to do things I want to test.


I’d stop riding the gates first and foremost. Other than that just keep practicing it. Eventually you’ll strengthen your hands and it won’t require so much effort from you. This is actually a very common problem though.


I think you basically want to make as small quarter circles as you can while still hitting the switches. Exact opposite of riding the gate.

Also if you’re anything like me and you’re struggling with something, odds are decent you’re doing the motions too fast. Might be worth investigating as a possibility.


You can do the ex slash a little slower than it might seem. I feel like the muscles of the arm are biased to one side or the other dependent on what your daily activity is. All you need to do is practice on the tough side enough. Eventually the easy side might switch.


I’m going to start grinding my own coffee.


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Just make it so that the last thing you do, literally is press the button. That way you get three chances, the short one with the df, the precise one with two ways out or the late one with negative edge.