Why are wake-up supers frowned upon?


Let’s face it. I play Hugo. and I play Hugo with Gigas Breaker. Now as you all know, it is already hard to land, and it becomes nearly impossible to set up if people are playing to avoid it. I notice people’s playing style changes when my meter is full. So anyways, I was playing and I did a wake up gigas on someone, in which he yelled “Oh wow, a WAKE UP super”. I don’t see why is is so bad, considering I may never land it otherwise since his routine would consist of ex tatsumaki x infinity.

Anyone care to clarify for me? Are all wake up supers frowned upon? or is it just gigas? If there’s a valid reason i’ll admit I suck shit.


if it works it works. more power to you.


Everything is fair game. It’s the scrubs that make excuses for everything. This is cheap, that is lame…just shut the fuck up and play.


imo thats just that guy complaining about something that he can do himself to you…its that persons own fault if they get caught with a wake up super…besides playing hugo is hard enough compared to tryin to land that super


People who frown upon wake-up supers are just noobs who think that you need to sggkcancelkaraunblockablehitconfirmdashcross-up in every single situation in order to be considered a good or legitimate player. Little do they know, this mind set will always prevent them from doing well in tournaments or stepping their game up to the next level. Ignore these idiots and play how you want. Even if they don’t like you for it, fuck em because you get to keep playing on the machine and they’ll have to keep pumping in quarters if they want to prove to you how much better they are. And like other people have said, any player that falls for a wake up Gigas on Hugo deserves to fail at 3s. The #1 rule of playing against Hugo is to avoid standing in front of him on the wake-up, especially if he has full meter (unless you’re feeling like a risky son of a bitch).


right on mio, right on!


Lemme guess…you were playing some guy on the internet?


shit people talks shit, so why listen to a shit?


IMO wakeup supers are bad if you’re too predictable with them. I think a wakeup super can actually be apart of a mixup plan. How it can be used is. You can just block on wakeup all day and then when your opponent is going for that meaty once more. AKA being predictable…YOU WHIP IT OUT! Most of the time though it is generally a waste of meter that you could have used for something else. Like a punish, some EX pressure and things of that nature. Also most uses of the wakeup super are generally put into action in the most predictable situations. Like your opponent is low on health, or you have no health. So yeah, after peoples experiences of what they have seen this what they feel about wakeup supers.


You’re Yang and your opponent is Ryu. Ryu has full stocked shin shoryuken with 10% health. You have half life and you’re Yang. Shin shoryuken generally does half life on most characters. So on someone with less than average health like Yang. Chances are he will go for it. Alot of wakeup supers people use have invincibility on start up or just have god like startup in general and will blow through alot of things used for wakeup pressure.

Shin shoryuken (sa2 ryu)
Tenshin Senkyutai (Sa2 Yang)
Corkscew Blow (sa3 dudley)
Rocket Uppercut (sa1 dudley)
Seichuusen Godanzuki (sa1 Makoto)
Hammer Mountain (sa3 Hugo)
Boomerang Raid (sa2 Alex)
Gigas (HAHAHA)
Shoryu Cannon (sa2 Sean)
Shippu Jinrai Kyaku (sa3 Ken)

Those are not all the supers that are like that. But thats just a sample of what you may expect.


Wake-up supers are generally just a bad idea because:

A) If it gets blocked, you’re probably eating a huge combo, or at the very least, you just blew a full bar of super that probably took you a while to build.
B) It’s a shenanigan and not something you should rely on. Relying on stuff like that will prevent you from learning how to win using a consistent strategy

That being said , it’s a legitimate tactic. Just not a great idea against anyone good unless it’s 95% safe against a lot of characters like corkscrew blow – and even then, you usually just end up wasting a bar for a bit of block damage.

Most good players in any game will either safe jump after a knockdown, delay their attack to avoid wake-up reversals/supers, or in the case of 3S, just walk in and guess parry. Generally, you see more meaties in games where reversals are either difficult to do consistently (ST) or in high level matches where people can generally expect their opponent not to try something so obvious/unsafe (even though it still happens, obviously). Better players are trained to assume that you’re gonna try something desperate when your life gets low, especially when it’s someone they haven’t played before. Admittedly, everyone forget sometimes when they’ve got a crazy amount of momentum going, and they’ve got you at 20% when they have 90.

The only character (other than Hugo for obvious reasons) I can think of where it’s a consistent part of their gameplan is SA2 Makoto because she can end the round if she lands it, so it’s something that’s worth going for. Plus, most people are paranoid about it, so it gives you a big advantage in a bad situation.

If you’ve got a super that’s dangerous on wake-up, you’re better off using that fear for mindgames rather than actually doing it.


Um it’s kind of the opposite. Gigas is one of those supers that should not be frowned upon if done on wakeup. Why? Because when you are going for it, you’re doing it because you are reacting to the fact that he is right in front of you (or in some cases, he might have empty jumped right in front of you on your wakeup). This can be considered a good super attempt, but it depends…are they going to jump out or not?

Most other supers such as 3S Ken supers, rush supers (kof), etc are bad to do on wakeup. For one, you aren’t really reacting to anything, just guessing that he’s going to attack. Random supering on wakeup usually shows that you aren’t paying attention to what’s really going on in the match. In addition, it shows your lack of patience and your lack of effort in actually trying to see if there’s anything you should be reacting to. These are the lazy people that just want damage but don’t want to actually earn it.

If you’re going to do a random super on wakeup, at least make sure it is for the most part, safe…

But if it is the #1 rule to not be standing right in front of him on wakeup, then most people would expect that their opponent would jump away in the last moment…which means that standing right in front of Hugo and not jumping away, would not be so stupid. A lot of the pro players will attack right in the face of Hugo because the Hugo player is aware of how bad they will punish him if he assumes the player is not going to jump away, tries to grab and misses. That said, this is only in high level gameplay…standing in front of a Hugo who is not a high level player, will probably get you thrown, ironically.


First of all, if you’re opponent gets hit by wake up Gigas, it’s his own fault, not yours. Your opponent should know better than hand round Hugo on wake up because even without meter, Hugo can just 360 anyway. Gigas is an exception to what I have below, which is my general opinion about wake up super.

I’ll admit, I frown upon wake up super. Wake up super has such a bad risk:reward ratio that that it’s rarely used in high level play. If you want an invincible attack usually you will go for uppercut. Gigas is an exception because 720s are hard, Hugo has no good wake up move, and it’s pretty easy to avoid wake up 720. I also frown upon wake up super because I still get hit by it, which means I’m not playing at a high enough level to avoid getting hit by it. I know I should get hit by pure random chance, but I feel that I should be playing at a level where wake up super never connects either because my mix up game prevents them from trying even thinking about wake up super, or because I should be making use of delayed attacks. Honestly, your opponent was probably just disappointed that he didn’t avoid the wake up gigas. People say dumb things when they’re frustrated. I know I do.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if wake up super keeps working against a specific player, keep doing it. It’s your opponent’s fault for not adjusting. However, it’s not something you should learn to rely on, especially with other characters.


I agree and disagree with this. Although you should never rely on wake-up supers in any/every situation as a consistent strategy, you should be prepared to punish anyone who gets in your face and thinks he can get away with it. Sometimes you might guess poorly and use it at the wrong time, but there are several scenarios where you just need to scare your opponent off you with a tactic that will try to keep him on the ropes. And there are very good ways of making it unpredictable and successful, you just have to pick and choose the right times to execute.


Wake up super is just wake up parry but with more commitment.

True players use wake up sweep.


theyre so easy to avoid


Wakeup focus attack into ultra


pick chun and wake up standing close roundhouse like a REAL thug

and when you play hugo you gotta give em that wake up shoot down back breaker so they learn themselves


weak up necro sa3…is good


fyi here is the #1 reason wakeup super isnt used:

wakeup block does practically everything wakeup super does, for less meter and less risk.


-wake up super is good if your opponent likes to use a lot of meaties or is just aggressive overall.

-wake up c. short xx super is good vs opponents who will walk back a bit to block that reversal wake up super/uppercut

-wake up throw is also good vs these people

-wake up block is good vs everyone

-wake up parry is good vs people with lack of high/low options

-wake up UOH is good vs throw happy players…follow up with a super for easy bait out!