Why are we trying to reinforce that T.Hawk is a " T.Suck "?

It seems like in every thread I visit here in the T.Hawk forums there’s always alot of complaining/negative talk about how much T.Hawk " sucks " and how he’s not good and so forth. Usually when people are less fortunate then others, don’t we stick together and keep our heads held high? Idk about you guys, but it seems like we’re always quick to point out how much he " sucks " when somebody challenges his Tier Placement, good matchups and etc.

He’s definitely NOT a terrible character, even though he’s disadvantaged in many matchups. Throughout all of his SF4 incarnations, he’s only gotten stronger and more solid, which we should be grateful for. We’re not accomplishing anything good by being so negative and attacking each other. I think we’re starting to become just like the Vega Forums where it’s a complete shit storm like…everyday :rolleyes: (Wouldn’t be surprised if a Vega Player(s) came here to crucify me for saying that, lol).

It depends on how you define “terrible.” He’s an underpowered character and universally listed as low tier. He may not be a terrible character, but he’s just not as good as almost every other character from a balance standpoint. And to some people, that’s the very definition of “terrible.” But you’re right in that harping about it won’t really accomplish anything. On the other hand, pretending that he’s NOT low tier is kinda silly and just enforces an illusion. Tiers don’t mean everything anyway, he’s so much fun for me to play that I’d play him no matter what.

I don’t really see as much of this negative behavior as you seem to. I would suggest finding the few posters that do this kinda stuff and sending them private messages. Or call them out on their rude behavior when you see it. Nothing wrong with reminding people to be civil as soon as you see un-civil behavior.

Hawk is horrible. That’s why I like him, though. All of his flaws have made me a better player. When I was maining Sagat in Super, I really don’t recall having that many difficult match ups. When I switched to Hawk, half the damn roster had me on my toes and made me THINK about what I’m doing. Hawk’s powerful, but against a good player who can zone you out on the ground and the air, he really can’t use his strength.

Do I complain and cuss about Hawk when I’m playing with him and lose after working extremely hard? Hell yes. I’m more angry at myself for not knowing what to do in certain situations more than the character, though. And with the amount of Hawk hate mail I get in my inbox, I guess people just don’t understand the struggle of a T. Hawk player lol.

Victories are sweet.

I cant fight a half good Blanka player and feel all to proud of T.Hawk, there are some fights where the disadvantage is huge and as Hawk you are fighting a uphill battle, depending on big damage for the few hits you get in.
T.Hawk isnt my main but ive got him at B+ so i like to believe im pretty good with him but against a Dhal with a good poke game Hawk is worthless just as with Blanka or Gouken. You cant only fight Elf and ultra2 the hell out of him every fight. Sometimes you get into bad matchups with Hawk where you have a serious disadvantage even against a lesser player, i never feel disadvantaged with Dudley, Gen or Ryu but i definetly do with Hawk so my opinion is Hawk sucks.

On the other hand when you nail a good player with a Hawk 8 hit combo you feel like a god, dont get that feeling with 8 hit combos from anyone else i use so i love T.hawk…but he sucks.

Unfortunately that doesn’t mean anything.

I don’t think T. Hawk sucks, it’s just that we have to deal with many scenarios with other characters for him to be good. I’m starting to look into locals for some casuals since online can be a pain and most likely won’t improve my executions as good as offline.