Why are you guys taking down Peaceful Jays HD Streaming Link from the front page?!?

It is an amazing thing and IMO word needs to get out about it. I have never had so much fun with a stream and I truly don’t even understand why they keep removing the link from the front page. Id much rather watch that over a few other streams and I don’t see why the site should dictate what we choose to watch.

Going into the stream and seeing various top players going at it is nice and it also gives stream monsters a chance to play. Just in the few days that I have watched the stream, numerous players have emerged that no one has ever heard about and I think its great.

Please I really hope it was an accident of some sort but last night Jay had to re-post it numerous times which lead me to believe otherwise…

I’m an OG player and arcades are long dead where i am at and this is as close as I can get to feeling like im at an arcade while being at home!! So SRK moderators please don’t take down the link :(.


word, if any higher ups see this you guys really need to keep the stream up on the site, its pretty much like the above guy said, and hey even us UK guys are allowed on stream which makes it all the more awesome!

the only streams they shouldn’t post are the ones where white people get overly drunk and or high and start saying nigga

oh lordy, they say that!?!?

1: why are you posting this in FGD when you should know who the admin are by now
2: it’s already a well known fact that the content moderators for the front page/stream calender aren’t on all the time, and don’t catch everything