Why Are You Yanks Giving Up Your RIghts?

been reading a few articles about random laws passing around your country. WTF? Why the hell have you guys not had a proper rebellion? Your ancestors from the late 1700’s must be rolling in their graves

Senators want to make it illegal to imbed video, in addition to streaming it:

Tennessee passes a law making it illegal to log into other people’s accounts, even with permission:

for shits and giggles, a school super requested his school district be designated a prison, because they get better resources:


Ballgame’s on and the beer is cold. We’ll do it later.

they should stop beating around the bush and just ban the internet already.


Because the lakers are winning, I can still get shit faced drunk, we have the most moral and ethical leaders in charge, and Osama Bin Laden is dead. Therefore why spoil what’s good.


them passing more stupid laws makes it easier to say im a criminal! :slight_smile:

because they pass the laws

Then some1 actually get in trouble for a dumb ass law

The we the people are like “naahhh bro, that shyts dumb! Why didnt you tell me? OMG you went to congress and passed it w/o me!? WTF EVER BRO! Still removing it.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, its shitty when more and more politicians are turning on the values and promises within the year they get elected, hahaha…

you just mad us yanks can sit back and not do shit and still shit on every other country. SRK, RAISE YOUR CHALICE, AND LET THEM APPLAUD

Have you flown anywhere in Canada yet? Canada is the states Junior, don’t kid yourself. The only rights Canadians have are the rights the United States allow us.

I didn’t take my shoes off at Canadian airports.

I worked right in front of security at YYC this year and saw more old men and grannies in walkers being strip search than I would had liked. It didn’t happen to you but it’s happening. We also got the full body scanners yay for pictures of underage kids naked. You didn’t take of your shoes but many other Canadians do.

Cause YYC is full of terrorizers.
YEG is calm like a Cuban breeze.

Oh right… I forgot you were in the better city.

I hope you are currently wearing your Jets jersey.

Damn right unless I develop an overwhelming desire to get shanked next time I’m in Winnipeg.

Why would you get shanked? You wouldn’t wear a flames jersey, would you?

Never. Not for as long as there is breath in my body would I root for the Flames.

PS: Have you been to Winnipeg? Wearing the Jets Jersey only discount for one reason to not get shanked out of many opportunities.

haha No I haven’t.
Can’t be worse than Edmonton, we are always the first for murder per capita in the country.
Peg is always trying to catch up though.

because they’re not taking EVERYTHING, just some of the things. most people like their facebook and their myspace and shit. you rebel at a HUGE freedom being jacked from you. ex if we were suddenly denied the right to own property. you don’t rebel if they don’t absolutely put their foot down. no one’s gonna go to war over streaming. they might protest but then they get shut down and get over it. nevermind the shit that’s going on today, we should’ve been rebelling a long ass time ago. anyway, i remember that one quote…

it’ll just get worse and worse though so i think a rebellion’s definitely possible. but even then it’ll probably be like 10 guys going “FUCK U” while the rest move out of the country or shut up. honestly though i don’t wanna fight nobody, i need to get out asap