Why aren't Marvel players playing Skullgirls?

Hate to make one of “those” threads but to my credit I did a google search and didn’t find anything as we all know how reliable SRK’s search engine is. I just find it funny that oldschool Marvel players and guys who got into it through Marvel 3 are -for the most part- in agreement that Marvel 2 was the overall better game and want a game that plays closer to Marvel 2. Enter Skulgirls and not many Marvel players seem to give a damn aside from a handful of FGC celebrities.

My hypothesis is that Marvel players are turned off by the relatively small roster and probably the lack of Marvel/Capcom characters. But the small roster situation is being resolved with an addition of 5 new characters that we’ll be getting by the end of the year. Add to it that Skullgirls easily has the best netcode right now and it’s difficult to understand why more aren’t playing it.

It’s weird really, every time I play SG for more than an hour, it always makes me want to play MVC2, so I do.
It’s a vicious cycle. That and it doesn’t help one bit that 360 players aren’t even playing the current version.
I’ve been trying to learn Parasoul for a long time, but I always endup using the old school MSP instead.

Because it ain’t Capcom

Because Magneto isn’t in it with Psy at back.

What if one of the DLC characters has a Psy assist?

Because they play Marvel in the first place for aesthetics, not mechanics.

Actually, one of the main cast has a move that can be used kinda like Betsy’s Psy-Blade; Parasoul’s Napalm Pillar.

As for why Marvel players don’t play Skullgirls, hmm…

  • No X-Factor System
  • IPS (Infinite Prevention System)
  • 3 Characters on your team scales down your health, especially if it’s 3-on-1
  • No X-Factor
  • There’s actually a coherent storyline to follow
  • Bloody Marie is balls harder than Galactus to defeat
  • No X-Factor
  • Peacock has most likely made the jokes about the game that haters were planning on making…

…did I mention No X-Factor?

I always thought of Soul’s assist as more Captain Commando-esque. And all of your reasons are reasons why they should be playing Skullgirls. Oh… You did a thing…

I’m not really sure why they would. There may be some similar mechanics, but Skullgirls and MvC2 feel completely different (to me, at least).

The only thing SG and MvC2 share are active assists and double snaps. but comparing it to another game is going lead this to be a versus thread.

This is slightly OT, but I think Skullgirls having an all female cast could be hurting its popularity. Some people may feel embarassed or perverted.

How many Marvel players play anything besides Marvel or SF, anyway? Not that that’s a problem, people should play only what the want, but I’m just saying.

X-Factor isn’t in Mahvel, X-Factor is in MvC3 aka TvC2.

Once again as a TVC player MVC3 being more like TVC would be an improvement, MVC3 is nothing like TVC.

Except we talkin’ about Marvel 2, not 3.

Isn’t Filia’s Updo pretty much the Psyblade assist?

Do people really not see how Skullgirls is different from MvC2?

They should just make an arcade perfect offline port for the new systems and give us all the code and data and then just let the players mod it and offer a prize to the best one. Then after Capcom and Marvel get the best one, they can add online to it and make a ton of money from a godlike game.

Also, the methodology of nerfing anything good needs to die. If something needs to be changed, how about patching the lowest tier characters first. Actually, in Korea, for DnF the company actually took votes, among other data, to determine which characters were lowest tier and then patched them up.

Lots of them did played Skullgirls, but stopped after a while. Most of them ragequit’d from the game after the long wait for the patch, and the patch too big for XBox360 nonsense only made things worse.

I play skullgirls. At least I do when I can find someone to play.

There’s more similarities between MvC2 and SG than MvC2 and MvC3

-DHC order ABC -> BCA instead of ABC -> BAC
-OTGs aren’t limited to specific moves ex Wesker’s Samurai Edge (Low Gunshot)
-1 OTG per combo
-1 assist per combo
-The nuances of pushblocking
–You can pushblock assists, pushblock guard cancel, if you stand or crouch pushblock and switch the stick to the opposite guard direction you’re protected from high lows for the rest of the pushblock animation (absolute guard), if you’re pushblocked and touch the opponent again, you stop moving backwards
-You will turn to face your opponent if you superjump over them