Why aren't other fighting games part of evo?


I may be new at this, I only play SF4 and SSF4…

I wonder why didn’t Evo consider Soul Calibur 4? Guilty Gear Accent Core? BlazeBlu? Virtual Fighter? I always thought Virtual fighter was big… They did make 4 games…

Arcana Hearts? (understandable… lol) KOF13? Was it really that bad?


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EVO wont put a game up if the community for it wasn’t there.

Also King of Fighter 13 isn’t out yet.


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Ugh… Flamed because I play Street Fighter? Wow. Ok whatever.


Evo considers many FG’s for inclusion, Guilty Gear and Blaz have both been a part of Evo before, ditto for pretty much every big FG out there, it all boils down to the amount of entrants there is in any given game, VF doesnt have much of a scene in North America, Guilty had some pretty lackluster showings, the new BB game isnt out yet (Is it? Its soon right?), the last KOF game was trash, waiting on the new one, etc, etc, etc.

Does anyone even care about Soul Cali 4? At all? I like, never see any tourneys for that game…


First of all, I want to thank you for giving me a normal answer.

I always thought Soul Cal was a huge hit… There has always been huge tourneys for SC alone. I guess something bad happened to Soul Cali 4? I don’t know… I stopped playing since 1. Guilty Gear’s popular in Japan though. And I don’t know why the new KOF is trash… Didn’t they spend a huge amount of time making it? lol


KoF XII is crap because it was an unfinished game. 13 is what 12 was supposed to be. I hope 13 get popular enough to be featured at EVO next year.

Also just because a game is popular in Japan doesn’t mean it’s popular in the USA.


Evo has corporate sponsors. Evo’s sponsors don’t want to give a game exposure if they aren’t going to make money off of it, they don’t try and hold tournaments for the best games, or even the most popular games (TvC over 3s? please…), just whatever they’re trying to push in stores/on XBLA. think of having a game at Evo as being a form of advertising (because it is).


Or a less conspiracy-like explanation would be that a certain SRK staff person pushed for TvC. :rolleyes:
Besides, the finals for TvC were real hype to watch. Way better than Chun vs Chun would have been.

Also, OP post is stupid and I feel stupid for posting in this thread.


fighting games at evo are the fighting games people play.


I was lovin those TvC finals, so glad it made it to Evo.


Is there really any more time to fit in any more games?

Even if they added 1 more game they will have to have pools/semis/finals/grand finals… All that shit takes alot of time and I’m sure the price to hold a venue like evo is already staggering enough. Im quite sure adding more games would only hurt Evo and its sponsors more than help it.


Somebody doesnt realize you can participate in side-tournaments in the personal setup section.


I did not know Melty Blood had a big enough fan based or evo-turn out to have it’s own slot… Wow, what about the other one with Fate/Stay Nights? I thought that was a decent fighting game… Same mechanics as Melty Blood. With so many versions of MB, I figure it’s a pretty balanced game by now.

Ahhhh I wonder if the new Mortal Kombat 9 will make it to EVO… Lol
They are going back to the basics and it looks great. (though their last 6 games were terrible…)


those games you mentioned are shit /thread

actually, i only played Sc4 of those and it really was shit. big boobs are hot. good for beating off to polygons. excuse me i’m drunk (grabs another sam adams…cheers)


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don’t criticize what you don’t understand FOO


The reason BlazBlue wasn’t there is because Continuum Shift was released in July in Japan, meaning that players would only get a little over a week to practice it. So the other alternative would be to do a Calamity Trigger tournament. But, of course, Calamity Trigger is now outdated, so Blazblue community basically gave up their spot this year and decided to wait til next year.

As for the other games, there was actually a poll taken for a “player’s choice” game that wasn’t one of the one’s originally announced. Some of the games you had mentioned, such as KOF XIII and Soul Calibur were in that poll. In the end, because of the Blazblue community’s decision and the community poll, Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Melty Blood were added to the roster.

Although Evo has had non-Capcom games such as Tekken and Blazblue in the past, a significant portion of games are Capcom fighters. The reason probably has to do with a couple of factors, including SNK’s lack of popularity in America (although the rest of the world loves SNK games, esp. KOF), and the popularity of Capcom games in America. Tekken, a non-Capcom fighting game, is an annual game in the Evo lineup. There’s also Smash Bros., but that topic will get you flamed rather quickly because a significant portion of SRK doesn’t really take it seriously as a fighting game, although in fairness, there is a dedicated community that defends and plays that game. Virtua Fighter is a good game, but I haven’t seen it at Evo for a while. They did have Soul Calibur 4 last year iirc.

But yea, hopefully that sheds the light on some things.

One more piece of advice: If you are new and have questions about things, you’re better off posting in the “Newbie Saikyo Dojo.” In this way, you are more likely to get “serious answers” as opposed to people who flame you. SRK is like ordering soup from the soup nazi: Its good soup, but if you get out of line… no soup for you!


Due to the large amount of people pools for SF4 were ran poorly. Why would they add any more games?

BB:CS will be there next time hopefully, BB was removed due to the CT/CS availability situation.

GG would be fun to watch, but there isn’t a big enough community, not enough to draw attention away from the main games played.

What I want to know is why there were no foot races at Evo this year.