Why Aren't Skullgirls players playing Marvel?

I don’t understand. After FR it’s clear that MvC2 has a much more alive tournament scene and MM hype. Why play a pale imitator when you can play the original? At least then screaming out memes would be appropriate :coffee:


(may or may not be with regards to Storm/Psylocke)

6 buttons > 4

Boobies>>>>men in tights

Because Marvel doesn’t pander enough to 4chan nerds

Because MokZod isn’t playing MvC2 anymore, durr.

Skullgirls still has a metagame to develop. I assume.

Because I love Skullgirls, not too much for me to complain about and less grind heavy than a lot of games to me. It’s not perfect and neither is mvc2, but of course every flaw in that game will be justified in anyway possible, those nostalgia goggles are too strong.

And don’t get me wrong, mvc2 is a great game, 10 years of awesome shit came out of it

Why not play, both?


Nothing wrong with that.

Didn’t you know? Playing more than one game has proven to be a huge challenge for post 09 players :coffee:

GTFO with this shit, you’re on SRK. You play 1 game and call everything else ass.

Skullgirls is bad.

You know, after how many times you’ve been banned/jailed you’d think you’d learn to just quit it.

obviously this is a troll thread but yeah, i just want to point out (for those who don’t know) that skullgirls and mvc2 are actually wildly different games!

in any case, people can try out the games for themselves and choose what suits them; i would hope that most people playing skullgirls have at least tried out mvc2 and vice versa.

Well played sir.

Because a game becomes boring when there’s nothing new to discover anymore. And some esoteric shit that won’t affect high level top tier play isn’t interesting.

People trying to give actual arguments to a troll thread.


I dont see the problem with just playing both, not hard to play more than 1 fighter imo