Why Aren't Skullgirls players playing Marvel?

i was in the marvel room.
Dusty dreamcasts.
Dusty dreamcasts everywhere.
Go home, old man.

dreamcast da bess
dreamcast mvc2 4 lyfe nigguh
get like us, brah

Fixed that for you :coffee:

Why aren’t they all and only playing SF4? Cant understand it

I have both MvC2 and CvS2 on the DC, along with a lot of other fightans
don’t say I ain’t up on dat real nigga shit I’m all bout dat lyfe homes
hecatom knows wat up

I only have DC MvC2 and my CvS2 is on PS2

Forgive me.

You are not a real nigga.

The real question in this thread is why the fuck do we still play MvC3 since Skullgirls is better.

The real answer is “ST 24/7.”

My only guess, MVC2 is older than dirt in fighting game years.

People would rather play the inferior MVC3 than jump back in that time machine. I don’t know why, but I suppose that is life…

Think you mean pso

Cuz people be stupid, ya now???

Why aren’t 3s players playing Yatagarasu?
Why aren’t KOF players playing XHIdawang {strange chinese title}?
Why aren’t Akatsuki Blitzkampf players playing Akatsuki Blitzkampf?

Skullgirls has more than 6 playable characters

00 Cable
01 Sentinel
02 Storm
03 Magneto
04 Iron Man
05 Colossus
06 Cyke
07 Ken
08 Rouge
09 Anak
0A Dhalsim
0B Spiral
0C Wolverine
0D Omega Red

That is me not taking assist characters into consideration.

Even though this is a brilliant troll I’ll give this a serious answer:

Marvel is just too crazy to follow. Things happening, dudes flying around, assists going off, etc. Skullgirls is a little bit slower and has more of an SF spacing game going on.

Skullgirls is new. I don’t have to worry about trying to catch up to dudes who have 10+ years experience.

The balance is really good. Everyone is viable.

Big Band will be a buffed version of Q.



The online is the best of this generation.

Two button throws. Seriously, two button throws are gdlk. Fuck one button throws.

PC version with Steam Works.

If i own MVC2 and CVS2 on both DC and PS2. What does that make me?

  • A beast.

Reason I’m not playing is because I feel that it’s rather too late for me to get into it now. Besides, I wasn’t too much a big fan of the game after MvC1 so I lost interest.

Skullgirls: Forever Alone

Cable - playable character
Sentinel - playable character
Storm - playable character
Magneto - playable character
Iron Man:playable::handjobs:sex
Colossus - lol
Cyke - handjob
Ken - lol
Rouge - handjob
Anak - lol
Dhalsim - lol
Spiral - lol
Wolverine - lol
Omega Red - lol

edit - provocative garbage, I know

but then, so is this thread