Why aren't there any fps's about the Korean War and Vietnam War?

We all know that these two wars were pretty brutal and gave us MASH and Platoon. At the same time we try to forget the Korean War do you think it would be good to renew interest in the Korean War through a shooter or would an actual good and accurate Vietnam War fps be better and easier to relate to .:china: :chainsaw:

Call of Duty Vietnam War is coming out this year.

  • Battlefield Vietnam
  • Line Of Sight : Vietnam
  • Conflict: Vietnam
  • The Hell in Vietnam
  • Viet Cong
  • Viet Cong 2
  • Viet Cong : First Alpha

Lots of vietnam games, cant think of any korean ones though. probly not famous or popular enough. maybe if there was a movie to get the ball rolling

Because you either want to hit that WW2 market or the modern warfare/futuristic warfare market. I just don’t think that many people are interested in pushing back the enemy to a certain boundary over and over again and stopping raids against your base. WW2 is glamorized as being the time that the United States stepped its game up and became a major superpower, and when our boys came home as heroes with honor and glory awaiting their return. The Vietnam/Korean vets were treated like shit compared to them, called baby killers and no veterans since that time have received the same status or praise.

historically the korean war would make a better game since there were large scale battles with diverse terrain…but it’s the forgotten war and a big reason why WW2 games are so popular is bcuz everyone more or less knows what WW2 was about, whereas you’d have to give cats a real history lesson to understand the korean war and even then it’s not all that interesting.

Its about time they show these men some proper respect. We are gonna have future generations trying to act like these wars didn’t happen.I think a video game would help people understand how bad these war and how much intestinal fortitude (Jim Ross ) these me had .

Where is my Call of Duty Civil War?

The nature of jungle combat generally doesn’t translate as well to gameplay. Guerrilla warfare especially doesn’t translate very well unless you are the one hiding in the shrubbery and laying traps to annoy your enemies to death while they blindly stomp around squinting for something to shoot at. That’s all opinion of course but if took a survey you would probably find that many (probably most) people don’t enjoy it when their enemies are constantly hiding and hard to see.

If you look at what makes WWII games more successful it’s that everything is pretty clear cut: the different armies have distinctive uniforms and weapons, and most missions save for a few scripted sequences give you a pretty good idea of where the battle lines are and even when a few enemies are hidden you know more or less where to start looking.

The Korean War is the forgotten war, which is sad since my grandpa fought in it and killed several N. Koreans, some in hand to hand combat, too bad he died before I was born but I am always hoping we will get a COD : Vietnam someday but all these damn kids love Modern Warfare and shit.

I am really looking forward to an FPS where you are a Nazi and try to conquer Europe and the USSR but still lose due to Hitler’s bad calls. It will never be made though because people are too sensitive and politcally correct.

well, there’s nothing like playing a game, beating all these hellish campaigns, to get to the ending and find that the war ends in a stalemate.

or what if the last stage is like Desert Bus…ON STEROIDS?! Where you just sit at the 38th parallel until your discharge date?

Because how does the game end?

Vietnam last mission complete: Good job escorting civilians onto that helicopter! Now lets retreat the fuck out of here!
Korean war last mission: Good job pushing the line back to where it originally was! Now lets agree to that ceasefire!

Korean War would make for better dog-fighting sim. Migs vs Sabers.

There’s an old crappy PC game called NAM

Because no one ever made a movie or hit cable series about the Korean war outside of MAS*H, and the existing movies about Vietnam are so obviously above the industry’s capabilities they instinctively know not to even try lest they finally be discovered to be worthless hacks and mere codemonkies.

The WW2 genre exists purely because of Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers; the entire reason for the existence of WW2 FPSes and their derivative series’ is purely due to the fetish/inferiority complex the Western game industry has with the blockbuster aspect of Hollywood. It only works because most gamers are drooling retards who are happy if something occurs when a button’s pressed, so they’re just fine with the sort of slotmachine gameplay one would expect from a fucking war where you were purely lucky to not get gibbed on a meatgrinder beach assault that defied all tactical sanity.

They’ve been chasing that sort of gameplay-deprived wank ever since because it allowed them to think that wispy directing actually mattered for games. HAI I SPEND MONEY, THAT MAKES ME MAJOR IMPORTANT YES?

There’s Battlefield Vietnam released maybe 4 years ago? I never played it, but I remember laughing when I saw an ad for it, thinking to myself how unpopular it would become, especially when the hippies come out of the woodwork to protest against it.



yo, fuck Call of Duty: Korean War, and COD:Vietnam War.

Get Infinity Ward to do Call of Duty: Cold War.

Know what they should do though? Make COD: Vietnam War starring Tom Slik, AKA EPIC BEARD MAN.

Nah, I’d imagine it’s because nobody wants to play a game where you lose in the end.

There are too many of us still alive/coherent who remember all the aforementioned wars to actually release a game on it.