Why aren't they having these games at EVO?

Just a quick question. But why aren’t SC2 or 3 and SFA3 not being played at EVO?


SC2 was at EVO twice I believe, it’s very old and there hasn’t been much fevor for it.

SC3 is a supposedly a very very very poor game, as far as the console version is concerned. It is plagued by numerous glitches and other balance problems. I’m sure there are hot spots for this game but overall the FG community hasn’t supported it because of it’s poor console release. The Arcade version is being used in this years Super Battle Opera (tougeki).

Street Fighter Alpha 3 has had numerous poor console ports in the past, I think I heard people say the Alpha Anthologies one is perfect but I don’t know. Overall I think it’s cause most of the old school won’t play anything other than arcade Alpha 3 and well there isn’t much fevor for the game anymore. Excuse me if I am wrong, I don’t know much about the Alpha series.

That being said, I can see this thread being locked.


Yeah, I can see your point about the SC series. I loved 2, but after researching up on 3 and actually playing it. I decided not to give it a second look after that. I’m not quite sure what is arcade perfect and what isn’t. The Alpha series has always played kind of the same to me with a few minor glitches here and there. Unfortunately for me, I did most of my SFA3 playing on the PS2 and Arcades. So I could always see little differences between those two. But I always thought that the DC version was arcade perfect? I never got a chance to play it, but I just always assumed that it was. What’s the story behind that?


Alpha 3 doesn’t have much of a scene.

For the same reason the monkey fell out of the tree.

SFA3 is not being played cause of v-ism’s back and forth game. there was a huge debate a few years ago between Apoc and evo staff i think. you guys search for it.

Back and forward game? Whats that? It’s not what I think it is is it? By that I mean we footsie until someone attacks, activate the cc mode and do some damage is it? If that’s the case, the same can kind of be said about CvsS2.


whoever v-ism’s first is almost gauranteed to win that round.

there’s alot of reasons in this thread.