Why aren't you playing SkullGirls?




Waiting for it to become a part of this complete breakfast.


Too busy playing VF5.


So I just found out that we are getting a FREE map for MW3, but then I found out that it was an old map so I was none to happy.


I do. Skullgirls and SCV are the only fighting games I own still. Either way this belongs in the skullgirls section.

Strangely enough I think the game would’ve been better off being called Skullheart than skullgirls.


i posted this hear becuase there was a thread by dev on how to get skull girls in evo n the big stage and the suggestion was to ask GD why your not playing, but they all to pussy to post it so i did


SkullBoxes imo.


The upcoming patches are making it me consider it. But I also would rather play Persona 4.


You get it into Evo by creating a community for it, and encouraging others to create communities for it.

And this belongs in FGD/Skullgirls forum.


Because I’m at work and its not on PC.
Just kidding.

I’m not very competitive, when I do play skullgirls, I am usually playing with myself.