Why aren't you playing SkullGirls?




Quality thread.

I’m not playing it because there are other games nobody plays that I’d rather be playing, like Melty, GG, and Jojo’s.


This thread is the last thing our community needs.



This thread makes me moist.


Big fan of cookies 'n cream. That’s always what I get if it’s available.


Why aren’t people playing other games, too?

OP, simply put, people will play what they enjoy. Plus Skullgirls is to anime, yo!

Good ideas may not always translate into a good product.

Waiting for that new patch to kick in first.


So you make a thread and it gets closed so you make the same shit thread with zero content and something that doesn’t even qualify as a one word post?


I usually just get strawberry, because I am afraid of change.


Im farming data on the possibility of turning you mofos into skullgirls and why you fear it


what else you need a mammogram,this is important data thats needs to be collected now answer the question…i love pistachio ice cream

i was half a sleep and put it in gd who gives a shit… lets get to it


to be fair, i know TONS of people that enjoyed it, just never stuck with it because it was not a mainstage evo event.


I bought the game and since launch I still can’t play it.
Shoutouts to every possible problem!


Tons of people enjoy SFxT too. Just sayin’

Even if it’s not a mainstage EVO event it shouldn’t be why those players didn’t stick with it.

But the mainstream heresay is kind of what keeps SG out of a true limelight because when people get their hands on it… I personally just want something a lot faster and without having to memorize a few long strings of combos to deal good damage.


you dont have a community were gonna build it now…if we add ponys and combine bronies we can take out the world

Im break these soft ass college pussys into hardcore school girls players, they will believe


amazing therad



if we put ryu in it would you get wetter…explain in detail


if there was actually real money in the pots would you be on it, instead of 5 bucks for 1st


Since SFXT was annoucned before it was released, I think its obvious it was there due to sponsorship.

I agree it SHOULDN’T be why they didn’t stick with it, but that was the reason.

You sir, will LOVE the patch. I think your problems with the game are completely valid, and point out the mechanical problem a lot of people have with the game, and the free patch coming out soon addresses that heavily.


Man moist?


Vanilla is awesome where you can do so many creative things with it. Crumble up some home made brownies then throw on a nice bit of caramel syrup then a touch of chocolate syrup if you’re up for more chocolate throw on some shavings.