Why bother upgrading to sanwa buttons

on a madcatz SE? What is so bad about the buttons they have in them? I need o know this, because I might order some of the madcatz sanwa OBSF-30 parts (8 for $20!!) if it is worth it.

And also, would it be hard for someone with no experience in the art of modding anything whatsoever (and I mean nothing at all) have trouble replacing the buttons? Or is it as easy as everyone makes it sound?

You replace them because the SE buttons usually stop working after a few months, Sanwa’s typically last years. If you can operate a screwdriver, and long nose pliers, and have plugged a electrical appliance into a wall outlet, you are qualified to replace the buttons. If your warranty is over, open it up and look at how the buttons are connected. It will make sense if you look.

What, the buttons aren’t connected well? I can’t just reconnect them or something?

(PS- Sorry if I sound like an idiot)

Listen rtdzign!!

hey i modded 10 of them 3 of my own and 7 of my friends, its like a gate way drug to modding. the benefits for swapping to Sanwa parts are priceless

takes 20min-30mins

No, no, they are connected by quick disconnects, and are easy to unplug. Watch this video?
It starts with how to replace the joystick, but there’s a portion on how to change the buttons.

And Sanwa OBSF-30s are well worth it. Compared to the stock SE buttons, they’re way better, and tenfold more reliable in retaining quality.

You know what listen to this guy. Just give up fucking with sticks right now. Before you know it you will have dumped $2000 over the year on more arcade stick bullshit. I’m kicking this habit right now.

Is there any plus besides they last longer? I really don’t care if they last longer, because mine haven’t broken yet.

they are more sensitive. Literally you can breathe hard on them and they will activate.

they operate better lol they’re shitty replica’s on the SE soon your joystick’s pcb will die out too

They’re generally more responsive, custom color, actual arcade quality, and really, lasting longer is more of a perk than you’d think. In the middle of a tourney, and one of the SE button’s snaps, it can be a real hassle. Most tech talker will endorse the OBSF-30s. The rest are manly men and will endorse Seimitsu buttons. Lol.

EDIT, to above: I doubt the SE’s buttons are going to kill your PCB. The worst they can do is short out between signal and ground. And then you’d just be stuck with a button held down. Not killer to a PCB.

I guess you could count snazzyness as a plus. They’re really sensitive too, depending on how you play this can be a huge plus. It really is a game of roulette when it comes to stock SE buttons, some last months, and some don’t even make it past a couple weeks. For 20 bux it might behoove you to just go ahead and order up some OBSFs, because the stock ones will go without warning. You could probably get away with just doing 6 of them and save a little money…unless you use the last two buttons that is…

You’re right. Why bother with Sanwa even at all?

Go Seimitsu instead.

lol @ vash. I’m all for Seimitsu too

but as everyone else already said. Sanwa’s are wayyy more sensitive and have a longer life span, and in the future you (the OP) won’t regret your purchase. Plus the custom colors are nice and you probably will get hooked on modding like I have…

I dont understand why Madcatz couldnt just fucking make good buttons and sticks. Is it really that hard?

The TE is pretty good, but that’s because it’s all-sanwa from start. :stuck_out_tongue:

Because its a bottom end stick, Madcatz doesn’t produce buttons and sticks… how is that for an answer…

If you want a stick with quality parts, buy the fucking TE, because swapping out the stick and buttons out the SE costs about the same(well assuming you got the TE on discount, mine was 99 USD lol)

Well SE’s modded feel lighter so maybe that’s a reason to get an SE and mod it? I like that more solid feel that the TE has though…

They did. It’s called Tournament Edition.

I already had the SE, got it because it is cheap. I want to get serious now, so I want to upgrade.

Well in that case, here’s a website to order your new buttons and stick get a screwdriver get to work… just gotta edit my post for the guide that includes pictures involving modding an SE…

EDIT: http://shoryuken.com/f177/how-mod-your-sfiv-se-fightstick-faq-175882/

Jesus Christ, tell me about it. I’m a better modder than a player and without even planning on it I’ve ended up with 5 sticks in 6 months.

Good sticks and buttons are expensive ($50 just for the buttons and stick from a reseller) and madcatz has to make a profit somewhere. You really do get what you pay for when you buy a TE, they aren’t ripping you off (assuming you’re getting it for around $100). However, they do know they are more likely to get some more entry level players into it by offering a budget version for the $50 price point. The beauty if that they designed it to be upgraded very easily if you decide you want to take it more seriously.