Why Bother?


It’s sort of a recurring issue that comes up with fighting games for me, and I’m sure others. Why bother getting better? I mean you lose over and over again, what’s the point of practicing and going on? I mean it’s only a game, so why not move on?

I’m not trying to be negative, but it’s just something that pops into my head often.


Because I like fighting games…and whether I win or lose I’m enjoying myself.

If it stops being fun for me…I’ll stop.


Losing sucks but it’s a necessary evil my nigga. You have to take every loss as a learning experience. Analyze the match and think about where shit went wrong and think of ways to prevent that shit from happening again. You learn more when you lose. When you win you think the scrubby shit you’re doing works until someone downloads you and runs free.exe Although unless you’re going to tournaments there’s no point in getting better other than for your own personal enjoyment. That’s why I play. I’m not a tournament caliber player nor do I go to tournaments.

Team nah was made for niggas like me (and probably you too). Online warriors who don’t go to tournaments. I don’t even watch them on stream I just watch the best matches on youtube.


Because testosterone and passion.
You question is like asking why people go on with their lives and try to better their situation or accomplish goals and dreams, if in the end everyone dies and takes nothing to the grave.

If you don’t like the game enough to take the suffering along with the spoils, move on and do something else.


This is definitely going into the scrubquotes thread.


I enjoy learning things, which makes the whole getting better-process enjoyable. Even if it involves getting roflstomped by someone way better than me, or losing to silly gimmicks that don’t work in the long run.


Losing helps me become a better pesron.


^ this


While Im not suggesting you’ll achieve greatness in gaming, but being competitive and staying vigilant is a great human trait to have. Your eagerness to be competitive will spawn many different attributes that can take you far. You don’t have to use gaming but I;m assuming you care about ti to some extent.

I’m learning now i probably wont ever be the best player but I learned I like fighter because I like being challenege and problem solving. I don’t think I’ll ever become tournament worthy player but I feel I do have know edge and understand of fighter which allow me to enjoy them when spectating or dissecting them. I’m also learning i’m very expressive so im developing habit of share this knowledge and enjoying it, all this time i thought I found fulfillment in only being the best and being competitive but i realise I just like being able to understand something. I get excited watching match video and see special moment I understand or was able to predicted.

I’m surprise I didn’t realize this sooner because I use to spend hour in training mode watching my relatives play and make suggestion of improvement. I always had my most fun discovery and analyzing. I still compete to test stuff out and to improve mys elf ( ego boosting too) and I mostly Want to win so I can be seen as credible individual in the field but no need to be the best. Having the respect and admiration of would be satisfactory enough.


Pretty much this. Win or lose you should be enjoying the game. If you’re not enjoying it, just stop playing.


A lot of us enjoy fighting games because there is a mile high skill ceiling and room to improve. Every loss just makes the eventual victory that much sweeter.


Accepting your losses only makes you a better player in the end. Continue to stay strong, and don’t give up on improving.




ragequitters need to sticky this


why bother if you only win? competition is fun. fighting games r fun


Why bother? Because it’s an impossible challenge and you keep pushing forward. You get smarter, stronger, faster, and you push past those limits. That ceiling you had wasn’t real. It’s that moment you broke free of it. :slight_smile:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” -Edison


either you have a passion for fighting games, or you dont. you’re right, its only a game, so if you dont have fun, then stop.


That’s pretty negative as fuck. Practically the same attitude as “why bother living life if you’re going to die in the end” “Why bother with finding a better job if i’m not going to be rich”

Attitude is so fucking important. Even if you move on from fighting games if you deem it a waste of time, the same attitude will gatekeep you from doing well else where. If you’re going to move on, find other ways to improve yourself because a defeatist attitude will only make you lose battles before they even start.


That is a crappy mindset for anything, whether it be piano scales/sheet music/drumpads etc or jus a game lol.
You’ll automatically be 10% better at whatever ya do with TIME AND EFFORT AND DEDICATION AND INTEREST LEVEL.

But moving on isn’t even a bad option either in this case since of course it affects the interest level of the person in question.
So when it comes to videogames, if it is not fun anymore, play a game you just do not get sick of.

And believe me, there are some games that just do not get old.


What needs to be said has already been said here. I will say again that you need to get out of that attitude bro. You’ll never get anywhere in life with that mentality. Beyond games I mean… just throw that type of thinking out of your mind bro.


If only winning excites you then fighting games aren’t for you. Winning itself isn’t exciting if it always comes easy.