Why Brawl is a big deal

Brawl is a NEW game coming out that will be huge, obviously. How often do amazing Capcom games come out?
I have nothing against Capcom though…I’ve been playing street fighter since II since it was in my 711. THIS IS A CHANCE TO START A HUGE FIGHTING GAME FROM THE START!

i’m baked sorry…but I believe there is truth in this rant.

I hope like crazy that you can blame this on the drugs.

zx advent comes out in october

It won’t be bigger than 3rd strike. We’ll all still be playing that.

ZX was pretty meh.

This thread offers teh funniez.


idk its not bad, the sequel can only improve some things at this point anyway
[difficulty i hope]

cool av By The Way

It’s just not only NOT BAD, it’s GOOD.

In america, melee already has a bigger scene than 3s.


And to stay on topic… I’m not sure Brawl should be made into such a big deal. So, this gives SSB players a chance to play online with each other. Big whoop. Who can say Final Destination with no items for every fight?

And to the topic starter… why even compare something like SUPER SMASH BROS. to Capcom and Street Fighter? No, a better question. HOW can you compare them? It makes no sense. Since when does Nintendo even produce fighting games like Capcom? The game is going to be huge because it’s Super Smash Bros., not because it’s an awesomely fucktastic fighting game. Why can’t people see that? Baked rant or not, Brawl isn’t a big deal.


Smash is a fighting game. Smash is a party game. It’s both because of the options.
If you take all of the extra stuff out of smash it is a fighting game at core.

and by taking all the extra stuff out, you remove all the interesting and fun parts of the game.

Even worse, you’re dead wrong about Smash Bros. You’re the one who can’t see that smash is ‘an awesomely fucktastic fighting game’. Get your factoids straight, kid. Brawl’s the biggest deal there is, maybe even bigger than bulletball.

I beg to differ.

The fuck is this blasphemy.

Best watch what you say, my nigga.

Hopefully brawl will be fun without items. In the original and in melee, the only way to get a game of skill was to play without items, which made the game much less fun than say Third Strike.

True, so many smash players are stuck on a bullshit mentality of “no items = more skill”. I didn’t pay 50 dollars to enjoy HALF the experience because people want to handicap every fucking match just to show “pro” shit.

You know you are forgetting Killer Instinct and Joy Mecha Fight…

If 3rd Strike had items in it that randomly fell on the floor that did wayyy too much damage I think as a community we would ban these from gameplay.

What’s it matter? We all know that Brawl’s gonna have 500 glitches (all of which will have a thread about them). Seriously, when you have Melee and there are 20 glitches that are legal and 20 that are banned with people bitching about items being in the game or not being in the game and everyone else is bitching about which levels are fit for tourney play, the only real response should be a great big “why bother?”

It’s Nintendo’s job to make a game fit for tourney play. Not our job to make one for them.

i’m pretty sure Brawl is a bigger deal to the 12 year old that loves playing Zelda and Mario games than the guy that plays 3rd Strike and Tekken.