Why buy an arcade machine?

I was wondering what the benefit is for arcade owners to buy an arcade machine as opposed to just running games on consoles. It seems like it’s just not worth it when you consider the cost.
For example, a Street Fighter 4 machine costs about $20,000, and you can’t buy just one. I believe you have to buy four for Capcom to sell them to you. Also, compared to running it on a console, you’re missing eight characters. It’s very possible to make your own cabinet running off a PS3 or 360 for much cheaper, so why don’t arcade owners go with this option?

Because its bad ass.

copyright my friend, its fine to build your own cab with xbox 360 etc for your own private use, but to make one for use by the public and charge $$$ for it you could be in deep doo doo!.

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I’m not so sure about that. We have a console arcade in my area called [media=youtube]R-6RX8KqxqU"[/media]. It’s $10 to get in, and you just play all day.

With street fighter 4? Maybe/probably not worth it for home use. Older stuff? Real hardware all the way.

And I’m pretty sure your information is old. I’ve seen numerous locations with only a pair of SF4 head to heads. Maybe different arcades around town split the cost, but I somehow doubt it.

Maybe it’s possible that things changed concerning having to buy the machines in bundles, but the costs still greatly outweigh the benefits. I can understand your point about older games though.

Either they’re doing it illegally or they’ve already jumped through the legal hoops.

most people don’t buy direct from capcom. You buy them through third party dealers unless you have a real arcade center where you’re making money. That aside most arcade machine collectors get older arcades, because they are more powerful, and the game is more accurate on the arcade because it was developed for it.

This means everything runs perfectly the way it was meant to with good visuals.

Nowdays there is very little difference between most arcade releases and their console ports but back in the day it was a night and day difference.

That’s the price for a bundle of four cabinets, not the price of each cabinet. A bundle of two costs closer to $12k. Coinop express has kits for $3k each if you’d rather just build your own cabinet.

and yeah there are legal issues involved with using a 360/PS3 for your own profit.

ST is the only retarded game that doesn’t have a decent console port. Every port has its issues with it, that’s why running the game on a cab or a supergun is the best.

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I’m not so sure:
"11500.00 USD"

"For just over $23,000…"

I looked it up, and the exact price is $2796.83.

That leads me to ask what the hell justifies the price for the full machine.

Dreamcast version is really close.

Hyper Fighting doesn’t have a decent port.

also, using a cabinet allows for money money inputted than time alloted on a console.

An average “per hour” price is 3 dollars for a LAN center. So we’ll transfer that to consoles.

At 50 cents a credit, you can get 6 credits.

In an hour, continuous use of that machine will generate more money than the “3 dollars an hour” for the console.

Also, if a game shuts down mid match because your hour is up - that’s pretty fucking gay.

so that makes arcades > consoles in the business end - providing it gets enough business to break even . Now how about for the player?

If I pay my 50 cents, I get to play FOREVER until I get beat.

and I saw this happen at Gameworks, I went to play TvC and this guy was playing for over an entire hour on one credit. Didn’t have to pass it up. Swiped his card, sat down, and played for well worth that time.

If it wasn’t gameworks “credit” cards, and it was the standard 50 cents that dude would have welll gotten his moneys worth.

The fact remains, using pay-for-play consoles requires more staff to keep on hand.

With PC’s you have to have someone unlock the computer via the frontend running up front at a LAN center. With consoles someone has to set the timer.

Arcade machines are self watching, you lose. game over. You win? Keep playing.

Think about this, you have 1 arcade machine. Everyone pays to play - and people only pay when they’re playing.

With consoles on a timer, if you have ONE set up. People waste their money.

Why not?

I bought my SF2 cab because it was the same cab I first played Street Fighter on. Plus it’s just more fun to me.

You have a point, but if legal issues weren’t involved, I’d still say the cost far outweighs the benefit.

For all the reasons I listed in the initial post?

What exactly would be the legal issues involved? Ultimately couldn’t the owner just say the 10 is for use of the facilities? If it’s consoles on a timer for a specific game I could see more easily how that would cross into legal issues territory.

It’s just not thesame. Both with the reasons listed in the posts above and in the culture it promotes. I mean, why do you think that 1 credit plays are the standard in Japan, even on what many would consider some of the hardest games ever made.

TL:Dr version:
The classic arcade business model promotes skill since skill means more bang for your buck. Arcade games have always had to customers, the operator and the player. One wants the other to die (and spend more money) and the other obviously doesn’t. The compromise is that arcade games are designed around the mantra “only the kill may live – the rest will die!” Hence, players will want try to get better so that they get more out of every credit they spend on the game.

The ultimate expression of this is in the time honored Japanese tradition of 1 credit plays. Simply, put, the 1 credit player realizes that pumping in credits after he has died to continue will only bring in diminishing returns since the parts of the game past the point where you died are obviously harder, meaning that you will die again, and sooner. So, instead of continuing, the player simply steps off the machine only to come back the next day and start from scratch. The thing is though, as he keeps doing this, more often than not, he will keep getting better, reaching farther into the game before he finally runs out of lives to the point where he is finally able finish the game on one credit.

Now and arcade operator would like to promote this culture because this means that players will keep coming back simply because they’re not able to just sit their for an hour and finish the game. No, players will keep coming back to play and test their skills against the game.

not if the cabinet is eventually paid off. And usually- the cabinets are not bought at arcades. They’re leased. That’s why at arcades you see a constant change of games.

Arcades usually rent the cabinet.

let’s say renting SF4 costs 500 a month.

At 3 dollars an hour vs 50 cents a credit and both set ups are equally played. The arcade machine will generate more than 3 dollars per hour due to it needing 50 cents every time someone loses. So in an equal amount of time, both with equal amounts of play. the arcade machine will generate more revenue.