Why call it "iron man infi" if war machine does it better?

I’m having trouble getting… wait, before I go on: I’m a super newb. I’ve done searches and all that…

I’m having trouble getting down the timing for IM’s standard air infinite. Also, is it not true that War Machine’s up FP holds them up a bit higher? It seems that WM’s “iron man infi” is easier to do for him than it actually is for iron man himself. What am I doing wrong for timing with IM? I can keep them up for about two rounds of hits before they fall to the ground, where with WM I seem to be able to keep them up muhc longer.

little help? Is it just a timing issue? Do I need to cut short one of the moves… instead of jP, sP, fK, up FP… should I leave out a punch to keep them floating longer?


hit up+hp later. that keeps them higher.

The rep is LP LP LK UP+HP.

I just use the standard inf, in a very braindead manner. I go at a fixed speed w/out worrying about if they lower, so long as I combo the inf. The only thing I watch is the height, where i’ll switch the standard jumping rep with:

j.lk, j.lp, j.lk, j.U+fp

instead. doing it once is generally adequate enough, unless you’re doing it on a fatass like sentinel

thats really only if they fall to low, which they never should, if you see them bobbing down, slow the infinite down a tad, or just do the up+hp a little later, it makes them rise.

On Sent and other fatasses, yeah, you’ll have to do a different rep every 3rd time or so.

That sounds kind of counter intuitive, but let me get this straight. If I see the dude starting to “fall out” of the infinite, I have to slow down the combo, or hit u+fierce later? Also, what are good ways to launch opponents into the infinite? When I use Iron Man, I usually play with Cable, Sentinel, and or War Machine, so I haven’t experimented much. I’ve had the best success with pulling a rocket punch assist, but are there better ways?

The slower you do it, the more time they have to rise between hits.

Try searching the other threads for solo inf setups.

Thanks all. I got War Machine’s timing down really well, for practice mode at least. Now I just have to perfect Iron Man. I tried it out in a match, and I pulled the infinite off once with Iron Man out of like 7 matches. It was very rewarding, though. I took off the remaining 75% of my friends health.

personally i think iron man has better options for an infinite i.e. launcher into neutral fp or df fp, lk, lk, hp yada yada yada. Try hitting the fp near the end of the combo just before you hit the ground with iron man. That’s how i found to do the inf.

You know what’s still been messing me up with Iron Man’s? I can keep the juggle going (note, I said juggle, not combo) forever. No prob. But it resets now and then. If I catch the opponent sleeping, then goody… damage scaling resets and I really mess them up. I just can’t seem to keep it a true combo without it resetting on me somehow. I wonder what I’m messing up. It used to be hard for me to keep them off the ground, but now that’s easy… keeping it a true combo’s the hard part now. Any tips?

Watch a Mitsu match video.

the timing is very simple just pause between the second lp and the lk. so it goes j.lp,j.lp pause j.lk,j.uf+hp.if you still cant get it watch any match and time the sounds that ironman makes with each hit.that helped me a lot when i didnt know it,hope that helps.

But pause too long, and you lose your combo. What makes an air combo a true air combo? How long do you have before it resets and your opponent can block?

thats why i said to watch a match and listen to the sounds that ironman makes so you can time it right so you wong pause to long,and knowing how long you have before a combo resets wont help you that much since you wont count the frames, or would you??