Why cammy is a top tier?



Shurely you’ll find this stupid… :eek:

I’m mostly a Gulty player, but now i’m startig to play some capcom games, i find Sagat and Blanka top tier, even at first sight, but you all talk about cammy as a top tier, and i want to know why!!! :mad:

so please… tell me why, someone…

I just see all her moves as… normal moves… nothing special, unless there is an enormous priority in all of them…

honestly yours

4go10 Nightmare :cool:


Here’s some Cammy cheapness:

-Fierce combos into fierce or roundhouse; when blocked it takes a chunk of guard meter with it.

  • With the poke string fierce, fierce, you can throw them in an attempt to do the combo… This means there’s absolutely no risk when she does this

-When you connect with MP, MK, or HP you get a free super.

-Rushdown with jabs = easy tick throw… just run up twice with jab and then throw them

-Cannon spike is hard to punish

-Cannon drill at the right distance is hard to punish

-Her throw range is HUGE

That’s only a few things, but basically you can win with just normals… fierce, fierce, roundhouse all day…:lol:


She is top tier because every Groove lets her use the last four buttons and DP.

That is all.


cuz shes a fuckin bitch, thats why:mad: :mad: :mad:

  • her standing hp beats out like 98% of normal moves in the game

  • her standing rh beats out like 97% of normal moves in the game

  • they both link together:wtf:, takes a good chunk of guard meter and are bufferable into supers

  • j.lk beats out stuff it isnt supposed to beat out (ex: vega’s j. hp)

  • when close hp is connected, you have an eternity to combo into whatever you like

  • fast ass dash, probably the best dash in the game

  • big ass throw range. you can be like 1/4 of the screen away and somehow she’ll get that throw in on you. combine that with her fast ass dash, you’ll have mayhem

  • cannon drill goes under fireballs, hits low and at the right distance, its unpunishable

  • cannon spike is one of the better AAs in the game and its hard to punish. you can back to back cannon spikes because it gives you frame advantage

-easy ass roll cancels. her roll cancels are one of the easiest to execute and since cannon drills are already unpunishable at the right distance, you can abuse this shit.

-she has TWO air throws.:mad: :mad: :mad: like that jumping lk isnt enough…

-her backdash is one of the better ones, meaning she can avoid crossups better than most character.

basically to sum it up, she owns 98% of the cast with two buttons. god i hate fightin this bitch. give me two sagats over her anyday.


HELL YES!:lol:


Hey ** 4go10Nightmare ** Have you heard everything now…

Cammy really is one of the top tiers. I always use her in the last match.

No doubt…


she has very little bad match-ups, rugal and iori pretty much are it. and they have to be played a certain way to be really effective against her.


Because her Fierce is as fast as a Jab…her lvl 3 hits like everything and is comboed from pretty much all her normals. She has almost all of her old ST links that made no sense and were bullshit. And she’s perfect for people who don’t like to work.


also let me add…:

  1. cannon drill or spiral arrow execution is instant and so is the recovery as long as you know the correct strength to use ( use the kick that when the animation ends it touches the opponent the most farther away possible of his character ) this makes it unpunishable.

  2. can be followed up with cannon spike (lk is better) to presure and prevent counter attacks and after cannon spike proceed to poke with fierce .

  3. this one’s for newb’s with cammy. her spin drive smasher super at lv 3 has god like priority and if ya don’t no how to combo just counter with it if the opponent is close and does moves like sagat s.mk and when it does just buffer while in block stun and you’ll punish them easily.
    4.her air throws are very easy to land

  4. hooligan combination can be used on get up effectively just remember to mix it up.

this and all you’ve heard already about cammy is what makes her fucking top tier:evil: