Why can you continue with the final boss in the PS1 ver of SFA3?

In the Arcade version and even the Arcade Upper which was later released if you lose the fight with the Final Boss you can’t continue and you get the game over screen or a bad ending.

But on the Playstation 1 version I played if you lose you can continue I think which is wierd.

so people won’t smash their playstation.

Simple, so you have to pay more money to see the character’s ending.

Read what he’s typing~

Worrying about an improvement? You’ll fit right in here…

Pretty much.

Well if this is the same Lacan I am thinking of, he is just trying to learn. He doesnt know alot about SF yet.

Shin Bison isn’t that hard.

PROTIP: Wait for the Super Psycho Crusher, block it, then DESTROY HIM.

As for why the PS1 version let you continue… I dunno, so you could see the ending without playing through Arcade mode again? HOWEVER, it also had the Final Battle mode which made endings a snap to view, so meh.

because the ps1 ver. is not arcade perfect :slight_smile:

This is true. That is pretty much all you have to worry about.

Yeah it does seem correct that Capcom made the Arcade version of Alpha 3 to have no continues in the last battle so they can get more money from people. But on the PS1 they figured there was no reason to do that I guess so they changed it.

But whats wierd is that SFA1 and SFA2 and Gold on the Arcade had continues even if you lose at the final boss.

The reason why SFA3 has that in the Arcade is because of the bad ending. That’s the ONLY reason. You shouldn’t have to continue on a final boss in a fighting game anyway, unless it’s an old school SNK game(AOF2/3 anyone?)