Why can't I beat Ken players? Even REALLY bad ones?

Is it just me, or does Ken have ridiculously good footsies, and frame advantages. I’m a relatively new play, attempting to main with Ibuki. I lose to Ken more than ANYONE else, and it seems like no matter how many hits of his I block, I can NEVER find an opening. Even when I block d.rh I STILL can’t get a hit in.

Dude, just wait for them to make a silly mistake. If they aren’t randomly srk’ing, i dont think they are that bad…just learn the match up i guess.

I manage to get them when they whiff an SRK, but half the time they will just Hado spam, and then when I manage to close the gap, j.mk>c.rh>cr.lp>c.lp>c.lp and if I try to engage after the blocked c.rh then c.lp>srk, or it will be Tatsu>grab and they will grab me before Kens feet even touch the ground. No matter what I try this is how 90% of Ken fights go. It’s really frustrating.

Online or offline? If it’s online, how good is your internet? Is it wired?

Just know that Ken is much much better at low level play than he is at higher level play. Chances are, if you’re new, you’re going to have problems with Ken.

Just keep practicing and don’t let it get to you.

prob because ur getting hit by his SRK far to much…his SRK recovery is fast so if u block it he’ll prob use it again if u don’t punish, but this is right where you want a ken on wake up. i always walk towards my oppenet to bait the SRK and then punish works most of the time on xbl scrubs.

Online. Fiber optic connection 30/30 20-60 ping (average). Wired.

Thanks. Hopefully I can improve my game and figure out how to beat him consistently.

well if you are using ibuki against him it should be hard. im not an ibuki expert but i know that she has low health and needs to be up close with Target combo and spin kick pressure to win. when playing against low lvl kens, they are shoryuken heavy, u jump, they’ll do it, you combo, theyll always mash it till it comes out. learn how to do safe jump setups to bait out shoryukens so you can start your offense easier or even time U1 to punish when they recovering. when they do fireballs, EX neckbreak on reaction. if you have a lead and dont want to take risk, play keep away kunai game, just jumpback kunai and then when near corner, when ken just, neckbreak to get out of corner and repeat keep away.

as for high level, these kens won’t fireball as much, DP only to punish jumpins/setup ultras/finish combos. Theyll also utilizing the karathrow, which is soo effective if your defense is bad or you are just arent aware of the tick throw setups. Also, they’ll use step kicks to close distance. so to start you off here against high lvl kens, learn your spacing/footsies, ibuki vortex and super jump canceling into U2

Light dp (whiff) fierce dp is a bitch online. Always kick myself when I get caught by that one.

Just anti-air and bait/wait for them to whiff dps and you’ll be fine. Once they realise they can’t jump in with that fucking j.HK they’ll retreat to the other side of the screen and throw fireballs. By this time, you should have the life lead, so just avoid the plasma until they decide to come to you. Since these type of players don’t know how to approach safely, you’ll make short work of them with properly timed anti-airs.

Ken’s fireball sucks. Get close and then when you see him throw a fireball, I believe you should be able to jump in on him or at least ex neckbreaker.

Well man you always have the option to counterpick with Blanka, Blanka is the shoto killer.

First, Ken’s sweep isn’t really very punishable. It has long startup, and hence recovers pretty quickly.

If it’s hados you’re getting hit by, Ibuki has plenty of ways around them. You can punish a fireball from half screen very easily with ex neckbreaker. Can also use ultra 2 to punish fireballs, but that is a bit more difficult. From up close, you can use df+mk to slide under and punish the fireball. You can also just use df+mk or f+mk to evade fireballs.

For Ken’s tatsu…ex version will put him at frame advantage on hit. This means he can basically beat any attack you throw out afterwards if he guesses correctly. Your best option is to use a late crouch tech. This means you tech the throw at the same time you’d be blocking if he did an srk or c.lp. If he attacks, Ibuki will block. If he throws, Ibuki will tech the throw. Any other tatsu on hit or block, or ex tatsu on block, you have the frame advantage.

One tip for Ibuki that most newer players don’t notice…use her overhead(F+mk). Use it a lot. It’s +8 on hit, and +5 on block. That’s almost unheard of. There probably is another normal in the game that gives that much advantage, but I don’t know what it is. So, you can combo off the overhead on hit. If you’re right on top of them, you can do F+mk and combo into her target combo. From farther away you can do F+mk, c.lp, s.mk xx neckbreaker. If they block it, you have enough advantage to move forward and continue your pressure. It is also very good on your opponents wakeup. It’s forward movement will cause a lot of reversals to whiff. You do it to ken and he reversal srks, it will whiff and you can punish.

C. Mk, C. mp > Lk Tsumuji for pokes.

Foward HK for times when Ken likes to crouchtech/ Hit buttons from a crouching position and you can sniff it out.

If he doesn’t like to crouch, Neck breaker into vortex.

If you’re still losing, then he’s probably better then you. Ibuki has a number of ways to knock Ken down and punish his moves, but the last thing you want to do is play footsies with him. But if your trying to play a match of resiliency then you’ve got the wrong character. Scare him or punish him, otherwise your dead.

something ive always done with dp chars is to score a knockdown and walk up to them and use a focus attack to bait another dp

you can really get them stuck in a loop with that shit, its a total gimmick.

This does often work, but I’ve made myself stop trying potentially risky stuff like that online unless the connection quality is really good. I’ve gotten burned too many times by lag/lolonlinelol delaying my dash cancel just long enough to actually get DP’ed (or making it not come out at all).

Walk up block is GODLIKE in online play. True story.

Thanks for all the input. Interesting stuff. Didn’t know Ibuki had such a huge fame advantage off of her f.mk. That’s insane.

block & then counter/punish.

Stop running into wakeup DPs and block

You are pressing buttons too often.