Why can't I choose a main

I’ve been playing SF4 for almost a year now…though stuck with just SF4 since I only have a PC. And for some reason…I just can’t find my main =S…

I’ve gone through most of them just to try and get the hang of them, but it mostly just ends up going back to Zangief, Fuerte, Fei Long, and Vega; who I have had the most luck with… but then my subconsious just ends up telling me stuff that makes me flop, such as:

Zangief: "Oh, you don’t want to play him. Everyone is going to call you an overpowered scrub, and he’s getting buffed or something in the next update which you probably can’t get anyway…"
Fuerte: "This character isn’t that original. He probably won’t make it to the next game, and he’s getting nerfed anyway…"
Fei Long: "You can’t be him, he’s becoming too top tier, and he’s being played by some of the better people in the tourney scene."
Vega: “Everyone is Vega, I’m Vega, he’s Vega, there are Vegas all over the place, and he’s getting buffed again too”

Am I doing something wrong? =[ I love this game…this is just really ticking me off…
Do I need to stop thinking like this, who should I play, or should I just stop playing entirely?..

Stop caring about what other people think…and just play.

Play whoever you feel most comfortable with, not who other people feel comfortable with you playing.


You can’t pick a main because you care to fucking much. Stop giving a crap and play whoever the hell you want.

Your main isn’t determined by what people tell you what you use, nor is it who you win most with.

Your main is the character you like to use the most and feel comfortable with.

I have the prefect main for you, random select.

No one can give you shit for choosing a character because you chose random select.

Now you don’t need to care.

You’re never going to pick a main that nobody else plays.