Why can't I play SSF2T anymore?

Not bitching, looking for a serious answer here.

Back in the day, I used to be able to play the arcade versions of SF2, and SNES versions of SF2T, SSF2, etc. and do reasonably well.

Just got the arcade version of SSF2X (the Japanese version of Super Turbo) and I’m HORRIBLE at it. I do well with slightly more modern and complicated fighting games, though. Any thoughts as to why? What is it about newer fighters that’s made me suck at the old simple ones?

Who are you playing against? Someone much better than you? Or the AI? The AI is seriously vile in SSF2T, so that’s not the best measure of personal skill around

I should ask myself the same question Im in the same boat as you. I can not play old fighting games may be the newer fighting games mess up your execution, or simply because you treat it more like the other newer fighting games but not how you should really play it. May be your just rusty and need to re-adjust to the older game. May be you just dont take it seriously anymore because its so old I know thats a problem with me sometimes.IDK

Less emphasis on footsies in zoning in all the newer ones… its all about who can pull off the biggest combos imo…

While I’m not saying there’s no footsies in newer games but they are way weaker than in SF2T… that and more lenient execution…

Are you saying this based on playing other people or the CPU? As someone else said the CPU is evil(way too damn difficult)…

AI is a b***h in this game. Also I agree with Bulldancer in that it’s al about the zoning and playing the newer games it’s all about combo’s and over the top supers

The Japanese version of ST is actually playable. The US release of ST is downright unplayable because the AI ramps up the difficulty.

Then again, you know you can change the difficulty right? I play on difficulty level 4 for ST Japan quite decently, except Dictator is, well, a Dic sometimes.

If you mean execution wise arcade SF2 is MUCH more strict than others. The newer games are more lenient in how well you enter the motion and the timing of the motions and seem to be progressively easier as you play newer versions. As for versions on SNES those also had easier input timing and looser motions for specials than arcade versions.

I’m pretty positive what he’s reacting to is, like a couple people have already said, the AI in ST is insane.

Cool, didn’t know that… though i’ve never played the console ports of SF2 other than on my phone. ^^
Back when I first started ST arcade, I came straight from Alpha 3 and a bit of SF4. ST arcade improves your footsies & spacing tactics a millionfold, imo. Though you do need someone else other than the AI to help you get there sometimes. The ST (JP) Grand Master Challenge is easy enough to play with the AI, which often reads your inputs but is still winnable; the US version AI pretty much counters everything 99% and is a poor experience if you have no GGPO or offline competition.

All the CPS1 games have easier execution than ST imo

Okay, thanks to everyone that bothered to post here! A lot of good info here.

CPU. I figured I’d practice a bit on that before working on human competition.

Yeah, I’m playing the Japanese version (SSF2X: Grand Master Challenge) and finding it obscenely difficult, even on lower difficulties honestly. Not as unplayably hard as the AI in Fatal Fury Special, but a few steps short of that.

Honestly, more a “fighting the AI problem” than an execution problem. I’ve been sitting down and practicing execution on this cab some - amazing how much just like 5 minute of warm-up before playing can do for execution, eh?

If execution IS a problem for me, this is likely why - I’ve basically played a lot of the pre-SUPER SF titles.

I just played SSF2 on Genesis/Nomad yesterday. Felt natural as ever. Maybe I haven’t been taking advantage of SF4’s shortcuts.

Actually, the funny thing is, I HAVEN’T been playing SF4, and only played a bit of SSF4… When I say “newer,” I meant more along the lines of Marvel Vs. Capcom, some SNK stuff including MotW, SFA3, and Daraku Tenshi.

I could teach you this game if you already have a main in mind… well except for Hawk and Zangief… I’m a jack of all trades and master of none when it comes to most of the cast…

And best to start off playing human competition and use training mode to practice combos lol… again if you have a main in mind, I could give you some practical combos and strategies…

EDIT: Try HDR first, everyone on GGPO are highly experienced players… play them only if you want your confidence crushed into pieces…

lol nah man theres plenty new kids on GGPO as well.

I realised this too, I never found doing a dragon punch in HF difficult on pad, but suddenly when I play ST with a pad, bam no uppercuts for me.

ST is really weird execution wise. For example I have no problem doing anything with Ryu, but if I use Ken I have problems getting a fireball out, it’s a really tight input window.
Some reversals seem a lot harder than others to execute; Balrogs headbutt seems easier than Guiles flashkick. Zangiefs SPD seems easier to reversal than O.Hawks and Ryu’s DP is easier than O.Sagats DP. The last 2 might be explained by new vs old characters having different move properties or something?

I love ST but a lot of stuff in the game doesn’t seem to make sense.