Why can't I post in my thread anymore?


I was busy this weekend so couldn’t tag in here.

I went there today, and went to tag people back, but it says I can’t tag. Did someone lock it? Is there some sort or limit that closes threads after a certain amount of days? I really want to respond and ask some more questions to these people. If it can be re-opened, will someone do it?


Uh yeah. You can tell by the “This thread is no longer open to replies.” banner above the thread.


Well, I noticed that. I am curious why though. Did someone break a rule or something?


Your thread was locked…you can ask the GD mods why.
Try Valaris.

If you want to respond to individual post…you can PM those individuals.


I’m not a mod, couldn’t tell you. It might have something to do with you posting it in GD instead of a more appropriate section, but I can’t be sure.
^Do what Geese said.


Ok, thanks for the help. I had no idea who a mod was on that forum, so asked here first. I’ll PM them now.

Well, I wasn’t sure where the best place was. the GD seemed like the best place. If it was wrong, I apologize


I locked it when I noticed you made the same thread in several sections.


Ah. Yeah, I was not sure which place it belonged, so I made 2. Just for future reference, which board would a post like that belong?


Meh. GD is fine. Gimme a second, I’ll reopen since this one seems to have more/better replies.


Thank you!