Why Cant I Throw After Landing a Jumping Round House?


After after a jumping round house you cant throw the opponent. Is this only because you cant throw somebody while they are in hit stun? a nice explanation is much appreciated. thanks


u answered your own question, can’t be thrown in block stun either. Hence the term “frame traps”.


A frame trap is actually something totally different than not being able to be thrown while in block/hit stun.


I’m pretty sure a frame trap is a trick to get you to press buttons when you think something is safe when in all actuality, you should be blocking. Frame traps give enough time for your opponent to start an attack, but your move will stuff them for a free counter hit. I belive this is the basis behind Cody’s game.

@OP, you can’t throw when your opponent is in hit or block stun. The correct term you are looking for is tick throw. You gotta land the throw as soon as they hit a neutral state. So after a jump in HK, you have a delay before you grab. Its all character dependent because some characters have weaker air-to-grounds than others.




If you want an explanation of why it is that way-

If you could throw someone in blockstun then command grabs would be ridiculously overpowered because you couldn’t jump out of them or reversal them.


completely wrong.



On that note, a term you will hear get thrown around with grappler’s is ‘tick throw’. This refers to throwing someone as soon as they recover from hit/block stun. The threat of a tick throw is an important part of a grappler’s mixup game because the opponent will be forced to guess between jumping to avoid the tick throw or blocking to stop a followup attack.


yea well what i mean was frame traps are caused from putting people into block stun and when they go to press a button or tech grab, they get counter hit. I didn’t feel the need to explain it since the kid obviously has no idea how to play ssf4 anyway. don’t worry newbie saiko forum warriors i wont help anyone out anymore.


Except it’s not. Frame traps are based around gaps in blockstrings.

If you have that attitude about giving advice then you will not be missed.


Hey thanks everybody! The replies broke some good ssf4 science down for me. Keep up the good posts