Why can't I win at least ONE fight?

Seriously, I can’t win against ANYONE except my friends who don’t ever play fighting games. I don’t get it. I’m good at a lot of other fighting games, including the older MVC’s, but this one particular game I can’t seem to beat anyone. I know I’m not the best, but goddamn. I’m not TERRIBLE…any advice?

Mainly because you didn’t pick Team Columbine.


Come to terms that you are not as good as you think you are…

Your gonna lose to people you think you are better than in this game ALL THE TIME. So it’s something you just have to get used too. Or play KOF13.

There’s nothing to “come to terms” with. I know I suck in comparison to a lot of people. None of this is helping…

You plain online or offline more? Xbox or PS3?

Online mostly, Xbox.

  1. what’s your team?

  2. offline or online?

  3. how much time do you spend in training mode?

  4. do follow streams/watch tournament footage of top players?

  5. as Mike Ross said, “No other game will beat you to the ground and make you saltier than Marvel will.”

1.Nemesis, Dante, Wesker
3.A decent amount. I do missions usually and such.
4.Not at all.

Check out Peaceful Jay’s stream at www.twitch.tv/peacefuljay and make good friends with some of the people there. It’s a good place to get to know people that play regularly and at least get to a competent level online faster than hoping grinding by yourself in ranked or in random player matches will somehow finally get you a win. Ask them about stuff you’re trouble with as you’re playing and go from there.

okay. online, depending on the competition, can either influence you with good habits or bad habits. offline, if your area has a scene or casuals or whatever, there are most likely gonna be players who are GOOD consistently in an offline environment, and you could learn something from them. that doesn’t mean you should stop playing online, just saying that offline casuals will level you the hell up if you start running sets with good players.

Nemesis/Dante/Wesker isn’t a bad team by any means, but if you find yourself struggling online then it’s time to hit the lab (training mode). A LOT. like make it so it consumes your entire UMvC3 session if required. check out the forums on here for B&Bs, work on mixups and resets, learn which assists to use with your characters, and do a ton of research. knowing what to do and having a gameplan in Marvel should be your first priority, with setups and execution coming in second. Viscant won Evo with a lot of online experience and his execution isn’t anything to write home about, but he won it mostly because a) he knows what to do with Wesker in almost every situation b) Haggar Lariat assist is cheap AND works well with both Wesker and Phoenix c) Dark Phoenix is cheap.

with that said, you should follow streams and watch tournament stuff. watching how the pros do it will give you an idea of how to play your characters and how they fare against others. it’s like playing basketball without knowing who the Lakers are. and hell, it’s great entertainment. you get to see what the Marvel hype is all about and why people love it so much.

good luck, and welcome to Marvel 3.

Does anyone want to spar with me maybe? My gamertag is oO Paradox.

I see…very helpful. Thank you. It’s funny I posted this thread, cause as of right now I have a 6 winning streak…lmao. But yeah, I’m really getting interested into this game’s community. I have been a MVC fan since the first game, but I never knew that it was such a potentionally deep experience. I spent a few hours in the danger room today and I actually do notice a HUMONGOUS difference in my playstyle. It definitely does help to do the things you’ve suggested. I’ll have to look at some tourney videos as well and such.

Would anyone want to add me for some matches and such?

I’m full of awful habits and have a rather terrible connection, so you’d definitely be better off with somebody else, but I’m available for a few hours if you can’t find anyone else. I’d consider me a last resort partner, though. :\

I’m willing to play with anyone. If the connections too much of a problem we can just quit. What’s your tag?

Same as the username. I’ll hop on and we’ll see if it’ll be smooth enough.

If you have Wesker anywhere on your team you shouldn’t be losing.

Nah jk. But really, you need to lower your ego. If you’re losing that much, you’re not as good as you would like to think you are. Take your time. Most of the people playing Ultimate have been playing since early Vanilla. Just practice. You’re going to lose a lot.


I feel like I’m not being egotistical…lol.

Practice champ. Sit in the training room. And when you get sick of it sit in it more… PRacitce combos until theres no way you can drop only if its extreme Lag. Then practice setups. Training room is whats gonna make you better.