Why can't Norcal just make a separate team for the MvC3 5v5?

West Coast already seems like it has enough players to choose from. If NorCal truly has good players outside of F. Champ, why not make it a exhibition consisting of 3 regions instead of two?

NorCal and SoCal have an inherent rivalry, but that sort of showdown is more appropriate for NCR or SCR or WCW

Evo is traditionally about East vs West, so it’s time for our regions to band together against the real enemy in our time of crisis

I agree, we already have our fights… it’s not often we can go against the East Coast in a grand scale like this.

Put our differences aside!

I agree with Pimp Willy. Besides, Filipino Champ is a great asset to the team on his own. I’m sure his Phoenix and Senti is going to create quite a ruckus! :3

Should have just done this like EVO 2009 to be honest.The regional 5v5 in 2k9 was hype.

Team East
Team West
Team Midwest
Team South
Team Wildcard

Also this year should have had a team international.

Northwest needs more love IMHO.