Why can't players online give new people like me a break?

People online are relentless. They can absolutely tell that I’m a new player because of how poor my skill is, and yet they won’t even give me a chance? It just makes me so mad. What is the point of all the time I spend in training mode, and practicing and playing friends if I can’t win a simple match online? It just makes me so damn discouraged. It’s funny because I search matches by “similar skill level”, and yet they pair me up with a 0BP/0PP player that destroys me. Idk what to do at this point… I even spent $150+ on an arcade stick and clearly it’s not helping… I’ve only been playing like a month but still. How do people do it? I feel like giving up. Like I can’t win anything. I hate being a fucking noob and my brain can’t react to certain situations and I just don’t know how to deal with being stuck in a corner in a match, and other scenario’s where I just get put under pressure. Do I have to spend 10 HOURS a day in training mode just to get better? Like wtf do I do here? Was I just born without a certain part of my brain that other people clearly have? Why can’t I just be better? I hate being a fucking chump. Sorry for the rant. I am just unbelievably frustrated.

Chances are earned, not given.

Shit, or get off the pot. No one cares if you get better. That is up to you. I kept going to the arcade every day even though I was total garbage for at least 3 years. I am still not good. If you aren’t enjoying yourself then quit.

This isn’t really a place to post rants. Do you have any constructive questions to ask?

you should see it from an alternative point of view:

how arrogant are you that you think you should be good enough after a month to beat people who’ve invested years into the game? if you could play for a month and then win, is the game really worth playing? that would tell you that the skill cap must be not that high, if only after a month you knew enough to beat them.

your attitude should be like “I’m not special, I’m not smarter than anyone else, I’m not magic, I suck just like everyone else sucks when they start.” if you’re frustrated by losing you’re just not being honest with yourself about your prospects for winning. you’re supposed to lose the majority of your starting games, everyone does. no one walks into the arcade/online/local casuals and blows everyone up because they’re just that naturally good.

post footage of yourself losing on this forum to get specific feedback. also think about for yourself why you lost. did you have a chance to win but couldn’t execute? did you lose to something you don’t know how to beat? did you get outplayed in the ground game? recognize your mistakes, and think about how you can fix the underlying problems. you’ll likely do this 5000 times as you keep recognizing more things you’re bad at and working on them.

Sorry, but I am just upset.

I guess my question is, should I just avoid playing online matches completely? I don’t really have any friends that I can play with offline, so online is the only alternative. I do have a few friends on PSN that I occasionally spar with in Endless, and even though I lose against them the majority of the time, that one rare occasional victory really feels good.

True. I do come off a bit arrogant, I apologize. I am just blinded by anger. I don’t think I deserve to win. I agree that you should only win if you truly earned it. I just switched from pad to stick and I’ve been using the stick for about a week now, and I love using it, but my execution is not perfect, and that will probably require more time until I am comfortable enough using it. I feel like once I become more comfortable using the stick, that may help me a bit… But yeah, I don’t intend to quit… I guess sometimes that thought crosses my mind, but I just enjoy playing SF4 a lot so I guess I’ll accept the losses for now and just try to continue learning… I guess I should probably also avoid playing online. I am not skilled enough to beat the vast majority of players, so I suppose I will stick to training mode for a while…

The only way to get good grades in school is by studying.

Try studying the game instead of trying to beat it.

Fighting games are one of the most hardcore genres to get good at that’s why there’s so many tutorials and guides to learn for every fighting game.
Many threads already on where to start how to get better etc
I for one learn the fundamentals in a game I want to get good at and spend at least a hour every day or second day in training and play online matches if you have no friends or local scene and keep losing until you win, practice your combos bnb etc that you were learning in training online even if you know you’re going to lose, watch matches of your character you’re manning too.
Plus going from a pad to a stick for the first time requires weeks to months of practice to get decent with it.

Amen… Thanks.

Yeah, you’re totally right about that. See, I generally play basic fighting games like Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, and those type of games are fairly simple, and don’t require a lot of learning. They rely on 1 button to perform attacks with, and overall they are not comparable to deep fighters like Street Fighter. So I’m used to not having to learn games… But now I really have opened my eyes to how complex a game like SF4 is, and I just have to accept that I won’t be good anytime soon and that’s ok… thanks for your post.

I suggest you watch some youtube tutorials for the character you like and wish to get better with. Read some threads on the character specific forums. And try to take the simple things out of them and work them into your game slowly. Once you feel good with that, then you can start advancing to the more complex things and begin working them into your game.

Use online matches as a way of hands-on training to practice the stuff you study when you are not actually playing the game.


because dude. going easy on you, is a disservice to you… when you get as good as good can be, you’ll realize why. Going easy on you, won’t make you better. As a matter of fact, pounding your shit in, will teach you about what can be done in the game. Since vanilla, all the asswhoopings that have been handed to me, taught me new combos, new juggles, and where I was going wrong. Those asswhoopings are gonna be the factor that levels you up. getting wins, teaches you nothing. Losses do that.


AnD BTW Some 0BP/PP is secret Grand Master so , of course we’re not gonna go easy, sometimes that is a signal to go harder than ever !!

Spending too much time in training mode or just playing online isn’t optimal. You can’t have one without the other. If you spend all your time in training mode, you end up knowing a bunch of combos but not how to put yourself into a situation to land them. Likewise, if you only spend time playing online, your growth in terms of learning can be stunted. Generally speaking, Training mode’s a good place to work on combos & execution, online is where you try to put all that into play.

I don’t know if SF4 is your first fighting game or not, but in all honesty, it’s a convoluted game and a pretty crummy first fighting game, especially in its current form. I’ve been playing fighting games since SF2 came out and I gave up on 4 because it’s needlessly difficult in a lot of ways. So if you’re frustrated, know that you probably have good reason to be.

“…if at first you don’t…”

One thing to remember is to take breaks. No matter how dedicated a person is to the ‘losing is a learning experience’ mantra, it still stings.

If this is literally your first fighting game, expect to lose a lot. At the first month I wouldn’t expect anyone to have any sort of consistency in terms of combos or gameplan. What does this mean for the opponent? It means that everything works. The other guy can’t antiair? I’ll just jump all the time and get free mixups. He can’t combo on command? I can do the unsafest stuff and its fine. He can’t do the moves even? I don’t have to do jack, he’ll hang himself. Can’t tech throws? Line em up I’ll swing them all down!

My advice to a new player - learn to do moves on demand. Learn to do a decent combo. When you play, focus on things that just tick you off because you can’t seem to beat it and focus on getting past it. I guarantee you, no matter what it is there’s an answer you just gotta get it out.

This is good advice, I started playing when SF 4 first dropped… I stopped for a few years and came back for Ultra about 2 months ago. Taking breaks is a must for me and how you broke down everything makes 100% sense about how you should go about learning and leveling up.

I try not to go all in on people with really low points, but there’s a limit. I’m not going to just stand there. Also, sometimes low level people are troll accounts, so I don’t want to be too off guard. Sometimes I pick a character I’m bad with, and regret it.

I don’t really like to face beginners online, they’re usually a waste of time, so everytime I face a low level player, I just spam HP horizontal balls with Blanka (they’re really unsafe on block) until they die, or I just hop all over the place and do cr.LK xx Elec or throw.

My idea is to make them feel so miserable and defeated that they either give up the game entirely or really try to learn something.