Why can't this work!? helping with ryu's combos

So I was practicing my ryu’s combos and i think i found one that might work if i just get the timing right! it is a focus punch, fierce forward punch, to ex hurricane kick, to ryu’s ultra. I was able to pull it off one time but now i cant! what am i doing wrong or is this impossible!?!??!

Your missing one move in your combo before the Ex hurricane kick.

Focus, Solar Plexus , .chp ( or c.lp, or c.mp) Ex huricanne kick, Ultra 1.
The combo has to be done in the corner

ah ok thank you.

now the question is how am i going to get my opponent into the corner. instead of rushing how else can i trick them into the corner to unleash that devastating combo?

I don’t think you should aim for nasty combos because you rarely get opportunities to use it, ESPECIALLY in high level play. Focus on developing proper footies (ryu’s best poke is cmk and whiffing clk while zoning his opponent with hadokens) and frame traps (combinations that can cause counter hits because you are gonna have a hard time hitting your opponent).

hmm, good point but i will just have to find a way to work in all of that and use that combo. I want to see what a in-fighter ryu can do. change up the game a lil you know. but i have been working on my pokes and footies

To be honest, that combo has a one frame link and you aren’t gonna be doing it at all. I strongly recommend that you do not practice that and go for something easier and more effective. Practice Jhp lpx2 (hit confirm) chp hadoken fadc cmp chp ex tatsu into ultra. It’s a hit confirm combo that you can actually use at situations. The only possible way you are going to actually get that combo is if the person is stunned. That is assumed, that you get the insane 1 frame link Ffp --> Chp

Learn Solar Plexus, c.hp, Ex tatsu, Ultra 1. Its important to know when suddenly a Solar plexus connect near the corner. Its not something you try to 'land’
You land it once a while when condition are right. Some people may find it simpler to do Solar plexus, c.lp, c.hp, Ex Tatsu ( 2 , 2 frames link instead of 1 , 1 frame link)

When you dont have ultra you can go for these:

Solar plexus 2 meter combo corner: Sps, c.hp xx fireball, FADC, c.mp, c.hp, (lk) tatsu, srk

Solar plexus 3 meter combos corner: Sps, c.hp xx ex tatsu, ex fireball, ex tatsu

Solar plexus 4 meter combos corner: Sps, c.hp xx fireball, FADC, c.mp, c.hp xx fireball, FADC, c.hp, (lk) tatsu, srk
( Daigo deliver a similar combo with YHC MOCHI dhalsim)

This is advanced stuff but a high level Ryu player should be able to do this like BnB.

All hit confirm to Ultra 1 with c.lp c.hp Ex Tatsu or c.lp c.mp EX tatsu, or c.lp, c.mk xx EX tatsu in the corner are more imortant since opportunity happen more often.

ah thank you guys for the info. this is a big help.

I really disagree with all of that stuff after solar plexus should be considered Bnb for high level play. There are so many other things that are waay more important, you don’t see solar plexus much in competitive play because its so risky to just throw out. Bnb’s are much less execution heavy so that they don’t get messed up in a tournament.

When you land Solar Plexus its important to know and land the maximum dammage combo.

This is obviously of high level play when you fine tuning Ryu to squeeze every tiny edge.

Most Ryu player will befenit from working on other part of their game, much more to be gain.

What’s more important is knowing how to punish every last thing. For the most part, you shouldn’t waste your bar on a combo unless you know for a fact that you are going to win/score a lead that makes you comfortable (80% life - 20% life for example). Learn how to punish every single move. That’s one of the crucial aspects for ryu and all other characters. One of my absolute favourite punishes is cmp chp heavy tatsu, which pushes them into the corner automatically.

My absolute favorite is the simplest one; cmk-hadoken. You can use this in various situations.