Why combo or link? (not a troll thread but a really question)

A friend once asked me while i was playing SSF4 online on his xbox about why do i keep doing those light pitty pat punchs (i was playing balrog against a online ibuki) instead of the HK and HP like my online opponent was doing (which was matching my damage pretty closely). So i kinda wonder now what is the point of doing those lk/lp’s when you can hit for big damage with those hk/hp and score a knockdown?

The point is that you use the Lp/lk to combo into higher damaging moves. IE with balrog you can use the crouching jabs to combo into headbutt and then into ultra, and provided they didn’t block the jabs it’s free damage. Whereas, if they block the jabs you just stop and nothing is risked.

Plus you can combo off c.lp to sweep via s.lp with rog anyway.

Because, if you do a combo, you can hit confirm, that way if your opponent is blocking, you won’t get punished for doing jabs, but you could get punished if you just threw out heavy attacks. Also, if they’re blocking, you can do throw mixup, overheads, and the like.


a jab gets blocked, no big deal. a fierce gets blocked and you lose half your life.
Safe options outweighs a "big damage"
also, oftentimes, I can see fierces coming a mile away. One reason why Sagat is so godlike in CvS2 is that his C.HP comes out lightening fast, has dumb fast recovery time, and you can land supers off of it. Try to imagine SF3:3S - Chun Li gets a knockdown with c.hp instead of c.mk… c.mk’s dumb faster and you get a super. There’s a lot more to throwing out attacks than damage. Safety, speed, and mindgames are all part of it.

ah thanks guys. and i forgot about the combining a throw from the jab. plus scogz O_O i’ve played that game and never used sag’s HP. and ah sh33p I need to use his headbutt more cause i usually write it off since i miss it most times


There was a reason there was all this crouching fierce stuff going around SRK… back like… 2005? His C.HP and Bison’s C.HP just made people cry for a month.

but that was before your time, apparently.

and you can’t “combo” a throw into a jab… You can tick the throw AFTER the jab… but combo a throw INTO a jab would imply that you do a throw, then a jab, and you get two hits.

You hit confirm into a high damaging move (using safe attacks) to do more damage. Most high damaging moves are unsafe on block and you have no idea if it’s going to hit or not unless you hit confirm it.

its much safer to hit confirm as everyone has said, as well as creating opportunities for bigger damage. A sweep will get you a knock down, but a combo that includes that sweep nets more damage (usually) and a mix up opportunity that is part of the rhythm of the original combo. on top of that, combos can get you a massive advantage from one mistake, and in 3rd strike, outright destroy you.

And the lighter moves usually come out faster…

You should be more like your friend and ask why people do things before just copying people without understanding why you’re doing something.

because it looks cool

i sort of disagree for people like my self that suck at linking

if you drop your combo halfway threw you can get ultra and dp so it’s not as safe as people think! also a lot of the fierce have some good range and can catch people outside of throwing range if they are not looking. im only like a c rank lol but what i try doing is using like MK and use a safe special like a fireball. :slight_smile:

That really has nothing to do with linking. In general you shouldn’t be attempting combos in a match you aren’t very confident in. At least if you hope to win…

WOW…just fuckin WOW

A board for new players to ask questions from the veterans. No question is too basic here!

I have to disagree with you. If you want to use ANYTHING in a match, you need to be able to do it consistently. If my buddy couldn’t do fireballs consistently, he wouldn’t be justified to just say “Hey, I screw them up, so I don’t need them”. Hit confirm combos are great, you just need to have them consistently, like everything else you plan on using in the matches you play.

You can’t factor your own screw ups into the equation on whether something is safe or not.
If you try to DP a jump in and accicdentally do a fireball you get hit, does that make DP not good as an anti air? No, it actually has nothing to do with DPs. Of course you’re going to get punished for screwing up, thats why training mode and trial mode exist. If your not using the tools provided to improve your execution then its kind of your own fault.