Why couldn't Sega make one good 2d fighting game?

I know it’s open to debate… but they made so many attempts, and most of them stink imho.

Golden Axe the fighter is alright but I only like playing 1 character Axe battler, burning rival eeecch… nice graphics though well sort of. And I just played Eternal Champion after all these years and it still stinks imho, it’s okay for it’s time but it isn’t half as good as SF2 imho I think I even like MK much more.

So am I wrong? :sweat:

Plz discuss


vf2 for the genesis was 2d…

That was terrible imho… like 3/10

Because they didnt need to. They only invented the whole 3D Fighting Game genre.

LOLs HNK is from sega .

First off, Sega didn’t even make Eternal Champions, it was Deep Water who did. Secondly, you lost all credibility the moment you said that Golden Axe: The Duel was an okay game.

i wanna play Golden Axe: The Duel

Is that Hokuto No Ken game any good? I’ve watched some videos but I’m not sure whether or not it’s worth importing.

Hokuto No Ken is made my ARC if i’m not mistaken

HNK is only considered sega cuz sammy owns sega…and sega is a better name with a better reputation :slight_smile:

wouldent be suprised if GG slash says sega too

Sammy didn’t make those games either though, Arc System Works did.

And Sammy isn’t owned by Sega. Sega and Sammy merged to form Sega Sammy Holdings. Sammy Studios, a subsidiary of SSH, were responsible for publishing the Guilty Gear games until they were closed down and later sold by SSH. That’s why ArcSy’s games are now published by Sega, not Sammy Studios.

This has nothing to do with anything, but I felt like being pedantic.

VF on the mega drive was awesome… fact!

Sega didn’t make Eternal Champions? Either way, that game was the shit.

Eh a fighter isn’t easy to make, there are tons and tons of terrible ones, Sega is probably more than happy with Virtua Fighter, so after that there was no need to really pour anymore resources into 2D fighters.

Though they need to make a new Fighting Vipers, just because I liked it when I was younger. (And well, Sega needs to feed my inner child.)

I agree. It’s hard to fault Sega for their lack of success in the 2D department when they have (among others) the Virtua Fighter series under their belt.

It’s hard enough to capture lightning in a bottle just once.

I had more fun with it than eternal champions, what is wrong with the AI in that game it’s almost like playing lv8 AI in MK on easy bleh, no fun although probably a better VS game than GA TD, but pales when compared with SF2, IIRC I even had more fun with it than Weapon Lord, maybe I’m just a graphics whore :sad:

Play it in MAME ParryAll you know you want too :wonder: ? it’s aight… o, kay

Virtua fighter mega drive was not good esp compared with PC version opinion

I’d credit Sega with more than inventing the genre, but also leading and defining it. Seriously, if you look at the big 3 non weapon based fighters: VF, DOA and Tekken, VF invented most if not all the game mechanics first (that is to say that Tekken and DOA borrowed their mechanics from VF).