Why dan is cheap



A dan player can taunt around a bunch during a match. If dan wins, it’s because the player is totally awesome and/or the opponent totally sucks. If dan loses, however, all the dan player has to do is chalk it up to not caring and their swagger is none the worse.

/toke jopic


I put on my robe and wizard hat.

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you may actually have a point… i was just handed my fifth loss in a row in RANKED, when I realized I was still having fun 'cuz I was using DAN. If I lost 5 in a row w/my GIEF, I’d’ve punched a hole in the wall.


Hell, I guess you can look at it like that, but I look at playing with any character like that, it’s just like I’m having fun so who cares? It’s a game right? You play for fun? So why not have fun?


many a match against people from japan have ended in complete draws because of 2 dans jumping around taunting.


i was playing around with a Dan user the other day… Dan Vs. Dan… and we were taunting like madmen all over the screen. so much Lolz. what was great… down+Taunt hits… we crouch next to each other and smacked each other with the Down taunt… so much lolz… I am so thankful for being able to save replays of any matches in ssf4.