Why did black and bruised fail?


I couldn’t thing of any other forums to ask this so i’ll ask it here.

Why wasn’t this arcade style boxing game popular?
Why did it fail so hard?
There was never a sequel made.
I’ll assume mediocre sales?
No one admits to playing it or even liking it.
It was one of my first ps2 games and I loved it.
Arcade style, Cel shaded, damage was reflected with black & bruised marks to their body with welts and swellings too, 19 distinct fighters with unique styles and move sets that demanded different strategies to beat them. Interesting backgrounds to each character’s back story and funny dialogue between them during rounds, each character had their own long combo strings that could be learned and mastered sorta like in Tekken, And they had different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to footwork, movement, bob & weave evasion, power, reach, and speed. Power ups that added more strategy and fun factor…

So what made the game so bad in the eyes of the public?
Coz I can’t really find any real flaws to the game.

Can anyone explain why boxing game fans hated it so much?

lol, I just woke up, remembered nostalgically about this 03 game and wondered to myself why there weren’t ever any sequels made and why this isn’t a series by now.




Beisdes the obviouse obscurity factor. Most game go unotice due to alot of things, such as lack of promotion, having a theme that may not be widley appealing, discourage from other people and ect. I’m betting it that B&B just didint present it self in appealing matter or wrong demograph.


From my perspective, it, just looked like an attempt to be like Ready 2 Rumble boxing, but wound up being boring to watch instead.


I used to have this game. It was fun.


I owned the game. The controls are almost as stiff as the movements.The character models and intermission animations are fine but once they start fighting it looks hilarious in a bad way. They jerk back and forth between trading blows, and don’t faze when getting hit by haymakers.

Better off playing Facebreaker.