WHY DID capcom leave-out the new characters of a3 and ex series

Sorry for making this random ass thread but yeah i’m tired of having this question in my head.

why da hell did capcom leave out the new characters of a3 and ex series? I mean most of those people you would never see again in a fighter at all.
Yes some of them were from beat em ups but fuck i wanted to see r.mika,juli or kari in cvs2 or 3rd strikey but NOOOO capcom made me curious why they did this. I mean juli would of been perfect for sf3rd strike or any of thoose dolls. Since capcom won’t make no more fighters i’ll only get to see them in thoose games. Damn you capcom for giving up on fighters.

I thought the dolls died, and the rest moved on.

Um… the only character that hasn’t been used from A3 is R. Mika. Karin is in Capcom Fight Evolution. The EX characters were not created by Capcom, but Arika, I think.

no juli lived but she didn’t have her memory fully back.

as for characters who weren’t seen again after a3 were r.mika and the dolls I haven’t seen any other dolls in anyother fighters besides cammy. Oh what about fei long or dee-jay or t.hawk they kind of got left out as well after a3 came out and they were in sf2 well ssf2 but still they should of had another apperance in another game man.

you foget cody. he hasnt been used. birdie was never used outside of alpha nad sf1, same with gen. then you got sodom.

and screw the stories. i hate that story crap for fighting games. people just try to limit the games because of stories “cuz x character cant be in the next game cuz he died” screw that shit. stories in fighters are way too inconsistent and contradictive to ever be taken forreal.

I agree with you in some of that, stories aren’t good to use if you want to have characters come back. There good for people who like to hear stories and shit in a fighter but your right stories kind of fuck it up for characters to come back. Like in tekken no more armor king cause he got killed or jun kazama.

I also agree with you on the final fight characters, cody and the final fight people didn’t come back for shit. The only final fight suckers i know who were in other games were just guy and hugo. Also most of the sf1 people never came back in a fighter at all. I wanted to see joe in another game or geki but “cause of the storyline he couldn’t” cause they said he was killed.

I’m pretty sure he meant Kairi (I have friends who make the same stupid mistake when saying his name).

Of all the people Ogre absorbed, only Jun is dead? How’d she die?


Rainbow Mika was the best thing to come out of the Alpha series… after Karin, that is. The series as a whole was such a cop-out.

Jin Died in mvc1 but lo and behold hes in mvc2 for some magic reason, stories are bs for fighting games, and wheres R.mika? she needs to return.

yes he’s right i meant that guy my bad lol.

   she died from ogre and orge didn't absorbed everyone just certain people if you think he absorbed beak he didn't just kicked his ass. Most of the people orge fought he just fought. However jun was the only rare ones he abosrbed or killed I don't know which happen to her but I do know that jin did see his mother get killed which  is why they haven't shown her in any tekken's besides t2 and tt.

as for mvc2 i don’t think that game had endings i think that was more of a dreammatch then mvc1 was.

Thats one cool ass trick.


Was that a head ogre was holding up in the ttt intro? Whose was it?

Capcom should do something along the lines of Street Fighter All-Stars, where it would be a SF Dream Match game featuring everyone. This way, story wouldn’t matter.

They did already. It’s called Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 3.

you mean in t3 intro i think that was jun’s head but i doubt he absorbed her. It more like he ripped her head off with his power i don’t know really how he killed her they never said at all.

In a way, yes–since it featured all characters from SFA to SSF2T. But then again, it’s not truly a complete SF All-Stars game because it’s missing the original SF1 and SF3 casts. That’s what I’m trying to get at.

Yeah, I want to see Hugo fight Zangief…