WHY DID capcom leave-out the new characters of a3 and ex series


Man it should be more like a tag team hugo and t.hawk vs zangeif and alex or zangeif and t.hawk vs hugo and alex

Or other tight ass dream matches that would be dope VERY DOPE!!! =)

Really if They did cvs3 or another capcom vs snk cross over it should be 3rd strike vs garou with 3rd strike graphics and gameplay hella dope their wouldn’t you guys think???


Isn’t Karin in A3? And who is Kairi? I don’t remember any Kairi in A3.


kairi is in the street fighter ex serious guy with a poney tail who has white hair and sick ass moves


if they do a dream match i wanna see it cell shaded


I agree cell shaded needs to do for the next street fighter game.


If it doesn’t look like an SNK game, and it doesn’t play like an SNK game, what makes you think those SNK fags will like it?

And if the SF3 series never got its support, what good would it do them if it looked like 3rd Strike?


They should make Capcom fighting jam 2, and include EVRYONE. Like 400 characters or something… I miss Sodom. :frowning:

…and put in a new special move for everyone so people will like it.

…and make throws instant like in Super Turbo.

…and I should win the lottery.


The SFEX characters (except for Blair and Allen) are forever tied to the SFEX series and may not be used in any other game but a SFEX game. However capcom owns the rights to SF. And capcom does not want another SF game purduced by ARIKA. Thus there will be no more SFEX games. And sadly thus no more SFEX characters,