Why did Capcom made some move inputs so weird?! (SF4)


You know moves like Feilong’s Wa-tah! Kick and Cammy’s Hooligan combo. Their inputs are sort of a tilted 180, lower back to upper front. This bugs me, why? Because there is no reason to just make it a normal 180 other than to fuck over the keyboard and controller users.

How the hell are you supposed to do a Hooligan on a keyboard as effectively as a stick? Godammit Capcom, I hope they fix it in SSF4.

Anyways, is anyone else annoyed by this, if they use a controller or keyboard. Or am I the only one.


Because the moves are jumping, I guess. Of course, this logic didn’t apply when they made other technically aerial special moves like Tatsu and SBK before them (although it did work for the original Tiger Knee motion), but SSFII is weird in a few ways.

The real kicker in SFIV is that horizontal 180s only require 135deg but the diagonal ones need the full 180.


When the game first came out people were upset about this. Now not so much. I don’t know, you learn to use it. I understand why they did it with these motions because Fei Long goes upwards at a diagonal so the input is like you’re launching him.

I think Wa-Tah kick is called chicken wing, or that’s what I call it at least.

p.s. capcom doesn’t think about keyboard users when they design things.


Why… on Earth… would you play Street Fighter with a keyboard? That’s like drawing with a mouse. I mean, you CAN, but there are better tools…

On a controller/joystsick, the Hooligan-style moves are easy. It’s just a swoop. Swoop de whoop whoop.

You modern youths, with your “macros” and your “bootleg costumes” your “bullshit”.


1: I for 100% feel the same way as YellerDog here.
2: My totally expected comment that Vega/Claw’s Bloody High Claw is REALLY ‘weird’!


The commands are much more forgiving execution wise than in the early days at least. I personally hate how overly easy they made the controls. Makes stick users do shit they’re not trying to do.


With practice, just like any form of input. At this point, I have no trouble doing them, and I don’t play Fei or Cammy regularly.

The only reason they kept the off-kilter 180s was because it was like that in Super Turbo. That’s it.


Wa Tah sounds like more Flame Kick… Wah Toh is more like chicken wing. Wat Toh Puh Puh is a c. RH CW (if you didnt get it, imagine what it sounds like)…


^ ahahaha, thanks for the laugh. :smiley:


Seriously, i would like the Tiger Knee move input as how it was on SFII, people got spoiled and since alpha 1 it’s a DP motion…
Now crying about the Chiken Wing and Hooligan??? get the fuck out of here =S, learn to play the game.


Why is it called a chicken wing anyways?!

Is it because the path he takes in the sky is sorta shaped like the bones of a chicken wing? That’s the only reason I can imagine it being called that.

and I’m only complaining now because its the only street fighter where keyboard is one of the options (emulators don’t count).

  1. The input for the chickenwing has always been that (except for in HD remix, which wasn’t developed by Capcom).
  2. Capcom doesn’t develop fighting games with keyboard users in mind. Keyboard players are in a tiny, tiny minority.


They changed Tiger Knee to a DP motion, why not Chicken Wing or Hooligan? It’s not like they’re particularly OP moves.


Well as someone here said, the moves where you fly forward usually have curve inputs (Hazaan Shu, Hooligan, Chicken Wing) but to make it tilted is just forcing keyboard users to buy a pad.


Don’t use a fucking keyboard. You gonna show up to a tourney with that shit?