Why did Capcom say 3 was the last Alpha game?

A lot of people complained about the SF updates because in their eyes they were barely different games (this is the mainstream gamer point of view).

I don’t think anyone actually complained about there being 3 different alpha games though. Wasn’t Alpha 3 a big success for Capcom? It makes no sense why they said that there would never be Alpha 4…

Did they ever say why? It’s not like they did anything better.

…3rd Strike? =)

Anyway; A4? Nah…no need for more V madness.

Yeah, really. Plus the storyline was set before SF1 or something

Maybe they were tired of reusing the same sprites ones they’ve had since alpha 1?

lol! Capcom tired of using the same sprites…
Basically A3 had already set up the story for SF2, it is set between SF1 and 2, and there really was no need for another one.

That would make sense but I have a hard time believing that they couldn’t have crammed one more game out leading up to SF2, especially if SFA3 was a cash-cow.

Does anyone have numbers for A3 arcade or console sales?

3rd strike sucks ass! There, I finally said it.

Well, technically, they had Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper, which was the last Alpha. But I guess it’s technically Alpha 3 as well.

I know A3 sold very well on PS1, DC and Saturn (Japan only) versions probably sold ok and the GBA game wasn’t a failure.

I think 3rd Strike is the better game though.

I wouldn’t mind a game set between SF2 and SF3, so we can see how the SF2 cast got on with things after SF2, and to maybe explain more about Gill and Urien’s secret society stuff.

I think they canned the alpha series cuz 3 was so fucked up compared to the other alpha games. It felt like some OTHER game with the alpha sprites, and felt like aside from the stupid “shadow custom combos” lame music, and non-descript stages, Capcom couldn’t think of any other crap to add. This game made me RUN back to Alpha 2. If 3 was any good…don’t you think there would be an ANIME based on it? Capcom makes anime based on the best version of their games: Alpha 2, Nightwarriors, Street Fighter 2 (Super…sort of…) I may be a little nuts, but there’s a couple things I noticed about Capcom:

!: When they end a series, they put EVERYBODY in the game.

2: Their game series are like this:
1st: Nice, new
2nd: OH SHIT!! The BOMB!!
3rd: WTF is THIS shit? The only resemblace this piece of shit has is that it uses the same character sprites as the GOOD games in the series…back to part 2 for me!*

3: When they give the go-ahead to make an anime, it’s always based on the second (invariably the best) game in the series.

*Not so much with Vampire Savior…but they added that lame-ass gimmick “Dark Force”…that shit was stupid and unneccesary. I’m guessing some higher-up told them to not fuck it up by changing the game too much.


The game engine was good enough for me to ignore the graphics. Alpha 3 is balance also…

LOL to A3’s balance.

A3 is balanced. Take any one of the discs, and place your finger in the middle. It won’t topple over to one side or the other. See? Perfectly balanced…

You’d be hardpressed to find people that like 2i over 3s. They do exist though…

Alpha 2 was the last game that was really successful on the arcade round my way. In fact, it had started to drop off by Super SF2, but it was really noticable by A2. By A3 and SF3 it was in terminal decline. I guess console was a little different.

Yeah, there’s that too… The story was already getting unvaried, rehashed and boring in A3.

Besides, it seems they make their games as trilogies nowadays (SFA, SF3, SFEX).

What the fuck is this revisionist history?

Okay, let’s get the record straight: Capcom said Alpha 3 was their last Alpha game because that’s when they decided to end the Alpha series. Do you know when they said this? LONG BEFORE THEY EVEN RELEASED ALPHA 3. They announced this a little after Second Impact was released (circa late 1997). Sales has nothing to do with thei decision. Capcom had made up their minds long before the game was even’t out.

Also, Capcom said at the exact same time that 3S (then referred to as Third Impact) would be the last SF3 game.

Richard: re: Trilogy

There are 5 Alpha games. And about 6 EX games.

And Rhio2k is obviously deluded - “They made an ANIME based on Alpha 2 [Note: No they didn’t], so it MUST be the best one!” LOL!!!111

Actually, SFEX has really nothing to do with Capcom outside of them endorsing it. Arika had everything to do with it.

Well, Capcom wanted to do a 3D game, but didn’t have the tools or experience neccessary, so they commissioned Arika to do it.

And since about 40% of the EX staff are Capcom employees that worked on SF2, SF3 and SFA (including Akiman, Nin, and all the important ones), then yes, it most definately is a Capcom game. Capcom staff individuals also programmed, designed, drew, voiced, produced and directed it. Capcom also published it worldwide, and stuck their logo all over it, and in the European version, Arika aren’t even mentioned on the box or manual. So I wouldn’t worry about that too much. It’s as much a true SF game as anything else.

Ultima- as for them not being trilogies- well, I’d count SFA2G as an enhanced version of SFA2. And SFA3U as just a version of SFA3 with extra features. The same goes for SFEX+a. Maybe you could count them as different games, but I’d say they were the same game. They are certainly less different than SF2WW and ST.

Oh, shit! slaps forehead and topples over backwards, then proceeds to ROFLMAO

Yes, they DID. It had Rolento, Zangief, as well as the satsui no hadou storyline. As for Vega being in it…I dunno. It was Alpha 2 with .1% Alpha 3, that’s all I can say…now, you’ll note I didn’t say that the anime was AWESOME, but I enjoyed it. The people who didn’t are mostly those bitching cuz Ryu didn’t do a full fight scene with Akuma, and really need to stop riding his nuts. And as far as I know, Alpha 2 was/is the greatest and most memorable Alpha game. (alpha 3 ain’t shit but sorry stages, lame music, and that V-ism gimmick) :lol: