Why did capcom screw up MARVEL with another crossover once again?

Around the same time MvC2 was released, cvs was also released and It kind of divided the scene further from what it had with 3rd strike.

Also note that the japanese preferred cvs for reasons that belong in another thread. So my point is why is capcom repeating history again, sorta screwing up mvc3 novelty?

I just know japan will prefer cXn over mvc3, and japanese fanbois will follow up and we’ll just end up with a USA only game just like it happened almost 10 years ago… :annoy:

if capcom is selling 2 fighting games, that’s better than 1.

Chill out, have some coffee:coffee:

Too much crossovers, CvsS was enough for me.

Im so sick of people saying everything is ruined when they hear 1 thing.

This is something you’re suppose to reflect on years AFTER it happened. Not right after it was announced.

“screwed up” because some other game that looks almost nothing like MvC3 was announced without even the slightest hint of a release date or if it even existed outside of a trailer and some pre-alpha demo?

So what is Japan prefers one game over another? Do you live in Japan?

What is “Capcom likes to make money?”

I hear you. It’s like when you have too many remakes of old movies. It makes you say “damn, I don’t have the budget for this hype.”

Who gives a fuck?

Isn’t everybody allowed to have preferences?

What Slamtastic and Xero Kaiser said.