Why did Capcom use such poor models for SF4?


Unlike a lot of people, I got no problem with Capcom using 3d models. It’s much easier than 2d sprites, I can tell you from experience. Plus you can have all sorts of cool customization options with the models. But why on Earth did Capcom use such poor quality models? They could have used Tekken 6 quality models or something. Imagine if SF4 looked like Tekken 6 style gfx, but on a 2d plane? That shit would have been fucking awesome! You think SF4 is popular now? had the models looked like Tekken, I think everyone, even the haters would have played it.

Dammit Capcom, you fucked up yet again. First you fucked up SF3 with those goofy cartoon sprites, now you fucked up SF4 with goofy poor quality cartoony models. Jesus fucking christ guys.


the only thing that got fucked up is this thread.


Are you seriously telling me you wouldn’t like SF4 even more if the models and scenery looked more like Tekken, and not that goofy cartoony shit with the goofy faces?


I see that someone’s gotten bored of their original troll thread.

That said, I like it that Capcom decided to go with a route that allows the models to reflect the art style of the lead artist (Ikeno) and not go for generic “realistic” looking models.


Ugh… This thread…


so because the models look cartoonish they’re bad? they’re bad for other sloppy things but not the fact that it has a less than realistic style. oh, and sf3 visually pwns any 2d game ever.

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Apparently this is it:
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Way to take shit out of context, as well as using an OLD picture showing the cast. Also wtf does me having to take a shit have to do with this thread, this is about SF4, not shitting.


Well the thing is, SF2 had more realistic looking sprites, SF3 strayed from that and look what it got them. SF4 could have rocked with a more Tekken style modeling, but instead they made these goofy looking things. I mean come on, i even seen people who LOVE SF4 and admitted they felt the models looked very ugly.

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The topic creator could have rocked with a nice quality styled thread, but instead he made this goofy looking thread. I mean come on, I even seen people who LOVE goofy threads and admitted they felt this thread looked very ugly.


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Calm down buddy! Don’t get excited now! We know what happens when you get excited.


You’re not very funny. Just a hater, jealous that we’re gonna do a game that’ll far outshine what Capcom did with SF4. You’re scared.


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No, I’m not excited, and I’m not gonna take a shit. But I won’t back down. Capcom fucked up with this game, it could have been epic if the models were done like Tekken. Tekken 6 BR is the top fighting game now, so what does that tell you?