Why did Melty take off and other dojin games didn't?

I got to play a bit of EFZ and Melty, not really with any depth, but I did get to play the old versions once. Was it the anime tie-in that made it big?

Also why are all dojin games heavily inspired (putting it politically) by GG?

It’s a fun game for a lot of people, that’s why it took off.

It’s probably in large part due to it’s tie-in with the source material. Also, the game was pretty fun as a training mode game. I think what really set it off though was that the first version of arcade release was pretty damn solid as an actual fighting game.

It’s because nasu’s (the author of source material, owner of Type-Moon) shitty writing is popular in Japan.

There are quite a few exceptions to this rule actually, including Akatsuki Blitzkampf or Yatagarasu and the like.

Even Vanguard Princess plays literally nothing like GG, you don’t even have 2 in 1.

Kinda like how full house is popular here for some strange reason?

I’m thinking more along the lines of Family Guy, and all of Seth Mcfartlan’s shitty cartoons.

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The best part is…this is pretty much a seriously made topic. :lol:

I guess I should respond to this topic since Mizuumi.net was built up around doujin fighters for years before SF4 brought the genre back to the mainstream. Let’s break it down.

Old doujin titles: Queen of Hearts 98-2K, Eternal Fighter Zero, Melty Blood, Akatsuki Shisei Ichigou, Fate/Sword Dance, Destruction Desire, Axel City
Last gen doujin titles: Immaterial and Missing Power, Melty Blood ReACT, Akatsuki Blitzkampf, Monster, Big Bang Beat, Magical Battle Arena
Somewhat recent doujin titles: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Vanguard Princess, Million Knights Vermillion

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What does Seth McFarlene have to do with MB? haha

I haven’t really played it much, but it should be interesting to see how big it is at evo o.O

I was genuinely surprised when it won.

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God forbid. Tsukihime is GARBAGE.

Ding-ding-ding-ding. I’m pretty sure this is even the case in Japan for the majority of players, although I’m sure they’re a bit more in touch with Nasu’s garbage than we are.

My take on WHY exactly it took of is this: in Japan, people were more familiar with the source material (i hesitate to say they were fans of it), and were surprised to discover a coherent fighting game attached to the Tsukihime properties. In America, it took off because the PC versions were easily pirateable and it was something weird and exotic and new. It had the unfortunate side effect of introducing Tsukihime to America, but nothing comes without a price.

I hate Tsukihime (not nearly so much for its own deficiencies as for the even WORSE tripe its popularity facilitated), but I respect Melty Blood, because it’s a well-made fighting game that came up from the dust to hang with the best. I consider Melty Blood the only GOOD thing ever to come out of Tsukihime. MB is cool in SPITE of its source material, not BECAUSE of it.

The closest Western analog to Melty Blood’s level of writing and creative “genius” that I can think of is [media=youtube]bg9wSlVcAYY"[/media]. Especially the start of the episode in this link, with the Nasu-esque recitation of the same word for piss-poor dramatic effect.

Incidentally, I would LOVE a Darkplace fighting game. (Right after they make one based on The Adventures of Pete and Pete.)

Sir, I am LIVID with indignation.

WTF melty blood is more than a game? I just got into it because it was a doujin fighter that was getting mainstream release across arcades and PS2. then again, I also played Naruto: GNT4 competitively since 2006 and didn’t watch a single full episode of naruto until December 2009…

Tsukihime is popular. So people gave Melty Blood a chance, and saw that it was good.

Isn’t Darkplace supposed to be bad, though? So is Tsukihime supposed to be like Darkplace, in that they are trying to make it so bad its good, but then they only succeed at making it so bad its not good at all, but is instead just bad? Or is Tsukihimi actually a serious effort to make something good, and instead they make something so bad that you can compare it to Darkplace? I don’t quite follow.

In any case, I don’t have much interest in Melty Blood’s subject matter because it appears to be just be Anime Stereotype 101 and I can’t even imagine the plotline that they could be running these characters through… it just happens to be a fun game.

wtf is the plot? Am I the only person who does NOT give a shit about plot in fighting games? I mean seriously - I played GuiltyGear for years and it wasn’t until PAX 2005 that I found out Bridget had a dick.

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