Why did my thread get locked?


Exactly how was i breaking the rules? Now, i already know this one will be locked too but i’m still inclined to ask why? I didn’t break any of the 27 rules.

You have a Marvel VS Capcom 3 board and for what? We can’t discuss these things? I just thought it was strange that Iron-Man can go head to head with a guy who can tear him apart. Literally.

I think the mods need to re-read their own rules and stop being so anal. Obviously i’m breaking rule #10. I should be sending a PM to a mod asking but the truth is i just don’t give a fuck.

Apparently, you aren’t allowed to discuss MVC3, on a MVC3 related forum. Troll face

We discuss game mechanis here. We don’t talk about role-playing or fanfiction. If you want to know why Magneto doesn’t tear apart all metal characters then there is a simple explanation: The game developers didn’t want to make it that way!! Why would anyone want to play a game where if your opponent picked Magneto he automatically defeats your entire team. Either you can accept that that’s not the way anyone wants the game to work, or you can suspend your disbelief. Either way, if you want to discuss non-game mechanics/fanfiction, there is an entire board for you. That’s all there is to it.

For one, not all metals are magnetic. It’s entirely possible that Iron Man’s armor could be non-magnetic metal, for instance (I don’t know if this is true for sure because I’m not that into comics).

For another thing, Preppy was exactly right when he said comic writers will bend powers to their convenience. Just don’t think about it that much, even if it has a story mode, it’s still a dream match style fighting game pitting characters from two completely separate universes against each other. It has no impact on comic book canon, so just enjoy the ride.

Cuz unlike the ssf4 section, random topics don’t roll here. Discuss this at Gamefaqs or something.

Requesting for lock.

Because you are an idiot and obviously don’t know how things work around here.

For the same reasons as this one, except not quite as embarresing…

Try posting this thread on Capcom Unity, Game Faqs, or some other site where people actually give two shits about role playing.

fuck you
didnt you read what preppy posted in the other thread you moron

"Don’t make posts like this. They get infracted. You get infracted twice, you get banned for a week.

It’s part of the conceit of comic books: powers bend to whatever the writer needs them to do right then. Roll with it"

You’ll be banned not just have your new thread locked too :rofl:

SRK is a place to discuss how to better oneself at fighting games, not a place to discuss how totally not canon fighting games are.

Gamefaqs is the place to discuss how totally not canon fighting games are.

double post still god tier

For the record, I’d have locked that thread where it on Unity as well. These forums are for discussing the game mechanics, not how the games follow canon.

This thread not already being locked means they need to be more anal. Anal mods keep this place from being the shit hole people like you try to make it.

But you give enough of a fuck to make a new thread? I don’t understand.

Oh, now I understand.

Guys, a preview of whats to come before the floodgates.

LoL @ This Thread.

I strongly agree with every post from #2-12.

Note that an infraction is simply a warning, in this case to go read the mvc3 forum rules. Being a dick about getting an infraction will get you a second infraction (one week ban minimum). Publicly being a dick about an infraction (and thus posting trash on the forums) here results in a month ban.
Note that politely PMing me about what’s up would have avoided all of this. But given that the closure was explained, and the off-topic question actually answered, I can only view this as an outright troll attempt and thus feel very validated in the bannination here.

I was out delivering some Christmas gifts. I check the forums pretty regularly. :tup:

I will firmly lay down the hammer upon shit like this. Don’t bother feeding trolls by responding to them: a mod will take care of it.