Why did various users get banned


Since i dont post on srk as much as i used to, i was curious the stories behind which people got banned and why? off the top of my head

stuart hayden



Soviet insulted Wizard and some other mods IIRC. Rock committed account-suicide and got DELETED by some rogue mod.


RockBogart had Valaris delete his account. Doing so borked the site skmething fierce.

Sovi3t said he would bring SRK down to its knees and Wiz wasnt having it.

Cisco is a cunt.

Stu kept trolling wiz and wiz finally got tired of it.


But with the forums now on death sentence, does that mean…Sovi3t suceeded?


Let me elaborate on how I got banned.
Back when premium was still around wiz would let us get a name change if we bought a year of premium at the end of the year.

Well wiz got rid of premium as we all know.

If no one remembers the price point for premium it was roughly $3 a month, $15 for 6 months or $25 for a year. Something like that. Like I said; roughly.

Well shortly after wiz got rid of premium he decided to be “generous” and do name changes again if you bought 2 evo shirts. The evo shirts were $30 each plus shipping. So a name change when from $25 to almost $70 (probably $80 if international).

I thought this was absolutely bullshit and called him out on it. I believe I called him a “greedy McRib eating fuck and he is ruining the community with his greed” On the front page and the thread he made for it.

Wiz banned me for 2 weeks I think to give me time to cool off; it didn’t work. I went in on him again as soon as I got back. Front page mostly. I got banned from posting on the front page so I posted my grievance with him somewhere on the site (I don’t remember exactly where) and wiz decided to permanently ban me.

When word got out that I got permanently banned for what I did there was a backlash. Wiz wasn’t happy about that either so for a while (a few months I believe) anyone who even mentioned me would have their posts edited, posts deleted or were infracted, some times even banned.

Also during my ban a bunch of no-name members made parody twitter and srk accounts on the front page of me. It was pretty hilarious. I’d contact each and everyone of them and the them to keep up doing the good work and they’d be like “oh, it’s not fun if you think it’s funny. :(“ and they’d stop soon afterwords.


I remember that part of it. That shit was great. :rofl:


I can vouch for this. Wiz has been such a hilariously trigger-happy nightmare when it comes to the banhammer. On one hand I get it, you fostered this community and feel attacked by someone in it and you want to fight back. But man it got out of hand sometimes.

The parody accounts were hilarious. Oh forum trolling. I’m really gonna miss that. No other form of trolling seems to compare.


I just noticed in my avatar that Chin has the evo logo on his vest. That’s tight.

RIP SRK. It simply won’t be SRK without the forums. The comments section on articles makes me want to kms, it’s not worth engaging with anyone. I love you all.


Shoryuken.com IS the forums. If you take that away then there is nothing. It’ll just be a classier version of eventhubs that I’ll never click on. If I don’t go into that front page all that much as is, it is basically guaranteed I never go to it now.


We have a front page?


I got banned for a while cause i support trump and intellectually destroy opposition, who was a mod.


You got banned for having MrWizard’s emotional temperament and being an enormous fucking moron. You’re the Christopher Hitchens of stupidity.


how did blackrain get banned…



I’d be interested to see the effect this has on this and next year’s EVO.


They didn’t feed Snorlax enough McRibs to get out of jail.


I don’t see this affecting Evo all that much. eSports was going to decentralize the core of the scene. Think because of reddit, people saying that anybody who touches a fighting game is a member of the community, twitter and top player cliques, joining the community didn’t start with joining SRK. That’s a good thing if you hate SRK (as a shitload of people do, some with good reasons) but it is shitty for a host of other important ones. One of those important ones being the repository of information that it is.

Its at the point where new “FGC” members are going to start drowning out the older ones to the point where maintaining interstate friendships is less important for a national tournament like Evo and the spectator part takes over. Regionals are going to start taking over as the actual community events; those tournaments you go to because you actually give a shit. Evo is going to still be important in all of our hearts because of history, but its going to kind matter dick all for people who used to post on SRK as the one tournament that made us all pause and you had to attend.

This isn’t the community anymore, this is now just a slice of a broader community. It is a slice that got eaten by eSports.



oh my god thanks for sharing bro i knew there was an epic story behind it


^^ Perfect Disney response for fan opposition to SW:TLJ.


Just as I said you were cool, then you post this.


How did Louiscipher get banned? He had McRibs give him special treatment after he cried about Angelpalm e-bullying him.