Why did various users get banned


yeah, more or less. He came to me asking for help to have people not make fun, I granted that, he’d get angry and start attacking people, repeat cycle. He’d come back on on an alt and make it a week or two before the rage took over. Got to be really boring. It’s fine if you don’t want people to talk about you, but … don’t talk about them either and don’t make yourself an issue. Eventually I grew tired of the petulance and banned his accounts, and rebanned the new ones that sprouted.

edit: Oh yeah, and he kept getting really mad at me that people would make fun of him after he did antisocial bullshit. Ugh.

More or less: don’t ask for help if you’re just going to keep kicking yourself square in the nuts. :confused:


Let’s not forget that he called Mixah an inarticulate FOB.

…Mixah sounds like a typical EACO dude.

Prolly smarter than most.


Shieet, I had people unfriending me on fb for making the numb/In the end jokes.
However as the great reverend Logan Paul once said, “I didn’t do it for the views”
“I use humor to cope up with uncomfortable situation”
“Fuck me Jake, fuck me in the ass brother.”

Fuck E-Sports.

Dota is kewl though :coffee:


I asked mods why my family was being attacked, and got banned for it. Mr Wiz then said whatever nonsense he said after I said:


whatever, this place still dead


Consultation on diabetes… That shit is gold.

At least y’all didn’t get clapped for misspelling stupid ass Cap “We used to be good once” com…

The name gets spelled correctly when they stop fucking up.


That’s revisionist. You started making threats before anybody had had any chance to respond to your issues. I had been away from my computer because real life is a thing, and by the time I got back things were in a real bad state. You’re back because I believe you are now beyond that and a healthier person.


Funniest ban so far for me is when “FaceMeandBeAutistic” posted a picture of a gun and got nuked.


Why has Mr.Wizard blocked me on twitter, ffs?




If you post in GD, SRK uses your email to find your social media accounts and blocks you from Wiz


Your ancestors are Eurotrash you fucking 10th generation immigrant.


Nothing about that situation was funny.


Him getting banned was funny. I don’t disagree with why he got banned, but I thought it was funny that it finally happened because he was fucking retarded anyway.


Keep talking shit… We will see what’s funny then.



I guess the moral of the story is, don’t act like a child online if you don’t want to be banned.


Be a guuuuurl


lol no, you ran to Mr Wiz with the quickness. Don’t lie. You put zero effort into that entire situation, just ran to that fat pillow biter instead.

lol surely you jest


As I explicitly pointed out in that PM thread, I don’t feel comfortable dealing with people issuing threats: that’s above my pay grade. Hence I tossed it over the wall to Wiz, who at that point was the (more) correct person to handle that kind of thing.

Yes, it is true that I put zero effort into figuring out how to deal with your threats. Once somebody start threatening people and things, I do not think that a rational person wants to continue to be involved in that situation. This isn’t rocket surgery.

I’d suggest dropping it. I’ve put it cheerily behind us now in this grand new day. Congratulations on your personal growth and welcome back.




just admit you love me