Why did you choose Oni?

39 characters, and you settled on Oni why?

  1. Looks are very important, and Oni is the coolest looking member of the cast by far.

  2. I dig how he talks in the 3rd person.

  3. Few people use him. (I dislike mirror matches)

  4. How he plays obviously, he seems to be meant to be played aggressively. I am generally quite aggressive in fighting games so it fit real well. He just clicks.

All of his unique normals, his lack of close normals, target combos, “stomp” :slight_smile:

The stomp rules. I try to throw at least one in every round, and it is one of the most satisfying moves in the whole game to hit someone with. The best is when they go for a sweep or other low attack, and get stomped into the ground!

  • He reminds me of Broly.

  • St.HP shakes the screen. That’s just too boss.

  • No close standing normals.

  • Air Raging Demon. Reminds me of Cyber Akuma.

^ 100% this. Also the stomp rules!

because oni’s so badass

He should be top tier. He’s Akuma… pissed off.

When I first saw a good Oni player pull off just a single one of his BnB’s, I HAD to learn how to play him. I was maining Blanka at the time, but had drifted to the shoto’s to get a better understanding of the game. And when I saw the book of Oni, seeing the possibilities from his hit confirms, I stopped everything and started playing him. It’s awesome because I wanted to play Oni day one of AE being announced. :slight_smile:
Oni is boss status.

The stomp really. I laugh every time I pull it off.