Why did you choose your character?

I thought this thread would be a repeat, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

So why did you choose the character that you normally play as?

Personally, I knew nothing about the tiers in this game, or any other fighting game to be honest. I play as Makoto and Yun by the way and I happen to be somewhat of a newbie. When I first saw the tiers I was suprised to see that they ranked so high. When I first decided to play as these characters, I chose them merely on aesthetics. While playing them and reading these boards, I realized how good they are. I just don’t want people to think that if I somehow get good, I’m only decent right now, I don’t want them to think it’s because I used high tiered characters.

First time I played I used Ryu, simply because I am used to him.

Twelve, cause he’s so interesting to play as him. He’s quick & mobile and I hate big dumb slow oafs.

I used makoto in the beginning too, because the first vid I saw was NEC2k4 J.Wong vs Ino, and Ino handled him in the second round pretty pwn, therefore I started with her, but playing 1.5 years without comp is boring against the computer with just one char, so i’ve evolved :0


i got my ass handed to me by a Dudley player. at the time, he was like, wow. but in retrospect, it was mostly due to the damage on that machine being set to max and it was the first time i had seen any Dudley. then i watched one of the TOSF tourneys. saw this guy called No_Mercy. i was in awe when i saw him beast with Dudley. at the time i was already using Ryu, Ken, Makoto and to an extent, Q and Yang. Makoto was my best at the time, but i wanted a little change. so Dudley it was :badboy:.


I used to play 3s sparingly cause I was so into SC2 and I used to scrub out with Akuma. Now that Ive migrated from the SC2 scene and 3s is on he PS2 I decided to stick with Dudley since he fits my play style the most.

I don’t even know why I use Urien, I just seem to be better with charging characters than the other ones.

Necro and Oro are as fun as it gets.

I play everyone. I find it easier to know character’s weaknesses when you get stuffed or punished for throwing out the wrong moves, and are forced to phase them out of your game.

But I mostly play Makoto because she’s cute, and the first character I ever used, and Sean, because he gets no love.

For me it was Yun. Because I really dig the quick Kung Fu types, and he had a cool hat :stuck_out_tongue:

i have 2 reasons why i love alex …

  1. stungun and flash chops … powerbomb !!!

  2. WITH AN EXTRA MOTIVATION by edge yamada from rival schools , thanks to him , i became addicted with alex …

I picked Yang because I liked they way he played. Then I found the EX mantis slashes…

The rest is history.

well for me, i srubbed out with the shotos. Mainly with akuma, but soon move to makoto because she has some sexy moves

I started off with Ryu, learning the game, how to parry, etc.

Then I moved on to Ken, cause he’s faster, and can rush down way better than Ryu. :smiley:

I got bored of Ken, so I started Necro, cause he’s interesting, and no one really uses him. Stun combos own. Also, it looks cooler when someone wins with lower tier characters.

I play Necro casually, and Ken competitively.

Began with Akuma for familiarity reasons, then started using Yun as I picked up the system more and eventually just stuck with Yun because Genei-Jin combos are so rockin’.

i use makoto. before i used these but i never really like them as much as makoto

chun li - boring, slows the game down, scrubby, cant really dominate without meter, shitty ex moves

ken - wayy too overused

yun - too hard to use. he bleeds when u hit him. genei jin combos dont always connect when i want them to

urien - too many things to learn. charge partitioning and aegis setup

yang - too one dimensional and he takes damage like a bitch.

makoto is fun. fast and furious, awesome normals, great specials and ex, good super, takes and dishes out damage well

I started on Chun Li, because that is who I know, and moved onto learning Ibuki, for aesthetic reasons and because I love froggy confusing characters who have to be used in interesting manners.

I play as Elena because of her unique and beautiful design. Her kara throw range and b. HK are just icing on the cake. :smile:

I use Q because he’s made of metal.

When 3s first came out I just fucked around with everyone (scrub). But the first character I went all into was Oro.

Old, one arm, turtles, roundhouse, tengu stone. I was hooked.